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How to Rip a DVD with VLC Media Player?

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 30, 2020

VLC rip DVD? You may be surprised by that, but VLC media player does rip physical DVD to MP4 MKV AVI etc media files for easier collection as well as sharing. If you want to upload a DVD video to your SNS, or share an older DVD content with your faraway friends, you can choose to digitize your discs and rip DVD with VLC player.

Multi-region DVD Player to Play DVD Discs and ISO Files

Without ripping, DVD player 5KPlayer can directly play 4K HD DVD discs ISO VOB files smoothly and with no data loss. Regardless of the region code 1-6, Disney DRM, Sony ArccOS, DVD CSS, etc, it is a powerful DVD player for Mac and Windows users to play homemade and commercial protected DVDs freely.


VLC media player rip DVD function is very considerate if you just need a copy version of DVD files without considering the format variety and video quality. Despite it is not a professional DVD ripper for people who have high requirements on DVD ripping, VLC DVD ripper also allows for choosing specific title, chapter, audio track or subtitle track to rip.

Easy Steps to Rip a DVD with VLC Media Player

How to Rip DVD with VLC Player on Windows PC?

Before ripping, free download VLC on your computer, install and launch it. Also, make sure that your computer has a built-in DVD driver. If not, buy an external DVD driver.

Step 1: Input your DVD disc to your DVD driver of computer.
Step 2: Open VLC DVD ripper, and click "Media" on the top left corner of VLC to choose "Convert/Save…".

VLC Media Player Rip DVD

Step 3: In the new windows, click on "Disc" > choose "DVD" option under Disc Selection. If you find yourself running into errors later, come back and select the "No disc menus" option too. Then, choose the DVD drive location by clicking on the "Browse…" button.

Rip DVD with VLC Player

Step 4: Click on "Convert/Save" button at the bottom.

Step 5: In the popup new window, select the codec and container you prefer in the drop down menu of Profile to encode your rip. DVD ripper VLC offers you various codecs and container formats including H.264, H.265 MP4 and AVI to save your DVD file. Then, click on "Browse" to choose a local folder to collect the ripped DVD video.

How to Rip a DVD with VLC

Step 6: When all the above preparations are done, click on "Start" button to start ripping DVD with VLC media player. Once the ripping process begins, you will see a progress bar at the bottom. Please wait patiently, the process may take you a very long time to finish if you are ripping a movie DVD.

How to Rip DVD with VLC Player on Mac?
Step 1. Free download VLC DVD ripper on Mac, install and launch it.
Step 2. On the main user interface of VLC, click on "Open media…" and then choose "Disc" to open in the new popup window.
Step 3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the "Play" button in the lower-right and then choose "Convert" from the drop-down menu.
Step 4. From the new popup window, you can choose specific conversion option for your ripped DVD file.
Step 5. Click on "Browse" button to choose a destination folder to save your ripped DVD file.
Step 6. Click on "Start" button to begin ripping DVD with VLC player.

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