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YouTube Won't Fullscreen Chrome Firefox iPhone Android Windows 10 Mac Solved

Written by Christina

YouTube won't go fullscreen problem is totally annoying, here below are the top quickest fixes and workarounds.

Some certain YouTube video won't fullscreen is reported by many users watching online YouTube videos in Chrome Firefox Safari on mobile devices like iPhone Android phone and Macbook Windows 10 PC alike. This seems to be a bug of YouTube or of the browsers we use, but neither the YouTube nor the browers sides have officially explained the problem or given an ultimate solution as if they do not care for over 5 months now. How to completely fix YouTube video won't play full screen problem? We have to deal with it on a case-by-case basis.

Best YouTube Video Won't Full Screen Workaround - 5KPlayer

Online YouTube video won't go full screen, how about having it downloaded within a sec and watch it in full screen mode without gliches or buffering? Seems like making a fuss about itm, but things will surely go 100% smoothier with this YouTube video downloader in fullscreen mode.

YouTube Won't Fullscreen Chrome

YouTube Wont Fullscreen Chrome Firefox Browser Setting

YouTube won't play full screen in Chrome Firefox Safari is the most commonly met problem. Here, let's make sure that those browsers are not getting in the way of fullscreen mode by firstly upgrading those browers to the latest version availiable and reboot the browsers. If the fullscreen not working problem still exists, then follow the instructions concerning each browsers below respectively to enable automatic fullscreen.

Fix YouTube Wont Fullscreen Chrome:

1. Open the YouTube video in Chrome on your computer, Windows 10 or Mac.

2. In the address bar, click the Lock icon ahead of the "https". For other sites' fullscreen display permission setting, you may click the Page icon.

YouTube Fullscreen Not Working in Chrome

3. Under the Permissions tab, find the site's Full Screen setting
Note: if you cannot see it in the list, click the "Site settings" and you'll then be directed to Chrome setting page.

4. Slide down to find full screen setting and click manage exceptions to enable this YouTube video page.

YouTube Won't Fullscreen Chrome Setting

5. Click the "Manage Exceptions" to set the YouTube video fullscreen permission.

YouTube Won't Go Fullscreen Chrome Enable

Watch YouTube Video Fullscreen Completely Offline - 5KPlayer

No choppy playback, no gliches, a totally full-screen offline watching tool – 5KPlayer.

Even if the shortcut of F11 can make the YouTube video go full-screen, some videos of 4:3 aspect ratio won't fit your entire screen with black strips on both sides of the video. Therefore, you might need a real tool to adjust aspect ratio to make them fullscreen totally. 5KPlayer is born to help.

This YouTube downloader can quickly download almost any YouTube videos or videos from other over 300+ online sites including KissAnime, Vevo, Vimeo, Facebook, metacafe, CNN and NFL.com videos, and gives 100% smooth playback properly rendered. Then one can adjust the video aspect ratio on right click to make it a real fullscreen display. This YouTube video downloader player can handle over 4K 8K video and VR 3D video download and do adjustment like subtitle settings, synchronization, snapshot etc.

YouTube Fullscreen Not Working solution

Quick guide on how to download YouTube videos with 5KPlayer:
Step 1: Copy the link of the video on your browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and what so ever.
Step 2: Paste the URL in the link adress box on the 5KPlayer YouTube download interface.
Step 3: Click "Analysis" button and wait for video content being analyzed.
Step 4: Click "Download" button when the video info strip is shown on the interface.
You can also choose the video format and resolutions you like before downloading the video.

At present, there is no official fix to this random YouTube fullscreen not working issue, but the provided 2 workarounds and settings checks can at least help ease the pain. Free download 5KPlayer now to enjoy both YouTube video fullscreen and offline smooth video playback as well as free video streaming to bigger screen previlege.

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