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The final US presidential debate 2016 is coming starting today. How to watch it? How to stream US presidential debate 2016 to Apple TV? There are several ways to watch presidential debate of USA during the presidential election 2016: you can be at the scheduled hosting places to watch each of them live, watch those presidential debates 2016 online live streams on YouTube/Washingtonpost or via TV channels, or better, you can free download US Presidential Debate 2016 free with 5KPlayer and stream US Presidential Debate 2016 to Apple TV to avoid choppy live streaming, auto-resolution changing, re-buffering and interruptive commercial breaks, since the whole country are watching presidential debate live.

From fierce Batman VS Superman fight to Captain American VS Iron Man exchanging blows to this time's Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton - the biggest live oral fight show of the entire century! They both have their tails grabbed by each other. From the previous Clinton's mailbox scandal and Trump's "bannig Muslims" to the newly exposed "Grab them(women) by the pussy. You can do anything" Trump video and Hillary Clinton's Wall Street Speech leak due to "Russian hack" have elevated the scandal fight. But it seems that nothing can stop Trump's low road to the White House when his confronter is Hillary, a most unpopular, untrustworthy and dishonest political figure who once voted for the Iraq War. Congrats from 5KPlayer to Mr. Trump's presidency! 276 to 218 votes, Trump is indeed very inspiring in the face of his previous debates loss. Though he was the one who lost the oral fight to Hillary, he won the real fight - managed to drag more people out to vote than Hillary did.

Now that Donald Trump has locked the 2016 US president position, we have tons of questions regarding his poor performance in debates but ultimate victory in real combat. Why did he stand out in the Republican debates yet get badly wounded by Hillary? Why did he get crushed down on stage by Hillary in presidential debates yet win the votes and become American president? - Download and watch all Trump US presidential debate videos and Trump speeches to get a clue.

By reviewing the Trump Hillary debates and all the Trump's Republican debates, you can get a general blueprint of Trump presidency from his policies on trade, education, healthcare, warfare, etc. Remember to shout out and critise him by citing his own words if he would fail us in the upcoming 4 years. Watch and download Donald Trump 2016 VICTORY SPEECH Full Speech as President Elect of the United States.

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Full US Presidential Debate 2016 Schedule:

The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) today announced sites and dates for three presidential and one vice presidential debates during the 2016 general election. The dates and sites are:

First presidential debate:
Monday, September 26, 2016
Wright State University, Dayton, OH
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=855Am6ovK7s Full Debate
Vice presidential debate:
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Longwood University, Farmville, VA
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVXqNcW_-HA Full Dabate
Second presidential debate:
Sunday, October 9, 2016
Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRlI2SQ0Ueg Full Debate
Third presidential debate:
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smkyorC5qwc Full Debate

You can also find all the Trump Republican debates on YouTube: Donald Trump debate in Detroit Michigan, Trump Republican Debate in Las Vegas, and Trump in first Republican Primary debate etc.

Free Download Presidential Debate of U.S. to Know More About Trump

What Do We Know About 2016 Final Trump-Clinton Debates

Supreme court, gun rights, abortion, immigration, tax are the first half-an-hour focus of this final presidential debate 2016. And not surprisingly, the "good-temperred" Donald Trump called Clinton a nasty woman, a lier and kept on interrupting her when dealing with his embarrassments. On the contrary, Clinton has more tatics on parry and strike when facing the emails, Clinton Foundation and her Wall-street speech scadals. She was also very good at deflecting attacks and baiting Trump into useless responses. Also, Trump's old attack lines on "bad experience" was perfectly defenced this time by Clinton's scripted preparation.

Take away lines of Trump:
I believe, if my opponent should win this race—which I truly don't think will happen—we will have a Second Amendment which will be a very, very small replica of what it is right now.
Trump, after Wallace brought up revelations from WikiLeaks: "Thank you".

Take away lines of Clinton:

When it comes to the wall that Donald talks about building. He went to Mexico. Had a meeting with the Mexican president. He didn't even raise it. He choked. And then got into a Twitter war because the Mexican president said we're not paying for that wall.
That's who Donald is. I think it's really up to all of us to demonstrate who we are and who our country is and to stand up and be very clear about what we expect from our next president.
Putin would rather have a puppet as president (referring Trump).

What Do We Know About 2016 2nd US Presidential Debates

In general, the 2nd US presidential debate is far better than the previous one with substantial ideas and solutions over hot topics including trade, ISIS, taxes, Supreme Court appointment, energy policy, but those won't change the fact that the overall sentiment of this debate is negative from the beginning - "No Handshake".

The memorable riveting second US presidential debate kicked off starting with this newest lewd scandal of Trump without doubt. And this time Trump did a better job regarding his behaviours on stage, counterblows, scandal dealings. What he replied to his lewd scandal was referring to his previous apology, wisely avoiding confronting the question by talking about how to make this country a better one as a politician, having great respect for women, dredging up Bill Clinton's deeds, and correcting the "locker room banter" word as "locker room talk". This way, some of the supporters might buy his saying, since he's already apologised for his 11-year-old remarks and in comparison with what Hillary did to cover her husband's crime, Trump's talks are forgivable. And as for Clinton's Wall Street speech leak accussing Trump-Russia hack, Trump denialed it and wisely lead to Russia-America cooperation to fight ISIS.

Memorable lines of Trump in 2nd presidential Debate:
"It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country." said Clinton. "Because you'd be in jail." Trump's retort.
"Why didn't you change it when you were a senator? The reason is that all your friends take the same advantage I took."
"She got caught in a total lie… And now she's blaming the lie on the late great Abraham Lincoln… Honest Abe never lied. That's the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you."

However, this might still won't change the fact that the winner is Hillary Clinton since she went into this debate with massive momentum in the race and steady, pleasant emotion. And after all, around 40% votes won't be enough for Donald.

Watch and free download US 2nd presidential debate YouTube >>

What Do We Know About 2016 1st Presidential Debates

The first presidential debate ended on Sept 26, frastrated all of us voters with its lacking of substance. Both Trump and Clinton were justing talking about themselves like for 75% of the whole debate time without real confrontation or back-and-forths over solutions concerning topics like deficit, social security, education, taxes etc. And by seeing Trump in the spin room, giving out a do-over replyon trade, deficit etc to reports, we might guess that Trump was not satisfied with his performance on stage and wanted to illustrate his points again and make them right.

Trump obviously failed the first debate which he should have been prepared in advance, yet didn't. Then how will he fight back at the second presidential debate with new explosive scandals around him? Though we know Trump likes to agressively brought things under the political water out to sunlight and say things boldly out aloud, those remarks gross jokes can easily be used by opponents against him and make the way to his regime even harder. After all, who would fancy such a cynic to be the president without a proper upright political figure? To date, he has been keeping his playboy quick-witted bussiness image and will keep on doing it without change.

On stage performance winner: Hillary Clinton
Clinton preserved her grave and dignified bearing with decent smiles through out the first debate, yet Trump frowning, rolling his eyes, making wry faces... According to record, Trump had interrapted Clinton 51 times during Clinton's statement, yet still advocating his winning temperament. The overall performance of Trump violated all three principles warned by Jay Townsend "temper, body language and respect". And very much so, this debate has attracted over 100 million views, a 100-million-view witnessing Trump's loss in political image.

Watch US Presidential Debate 2016 Hillary vs Donald

Brilliant strike-back winner: Hillary Clinton
Thanks to those fully-prepared memorised answers, Hillary Clinton has performed a great show and trapped Trump in her net. See the full transcript of 2016 first US presidential debate.

Hillary Clinton memorable liners in 1st US presidential debate:
1. "I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. You know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that's a good thing."
2. "As soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities and nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina."
3. "But I like to remember what Michelle Obama said in her amazing speech at our Democratic National Convention: When they go low, we go high. And Barack Obama went high, despite Donald Trump's best efforts to bring him down."
4. "And maybe because you haven't paid any federal income tax for a lot of years."
5. "But it's like his plan to defeat ISIS. He says it's a secret plan, but the only secret is that he has no plan."

Donald Trump Memorable liners in 1st US presidential debate:
1. "You're telling the enemy everything you want to do. No wonder you've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life."
2. "I agree. She's got experience, but it's bad experience. And this country can't afford to have another four years of that kind of experience."
3. "I will release my tax returns -- against my lawyer's wishes -- when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. As soon as she releases them, I will release."
4. "It's hundreds of millions of (negative) ads. And the only gratifying thing is, I saw the polls come in today, and with all of that money $200 million is spent, and I'm either winning or tied, and I've spent practically nothing."

Best scandal attacker: Hillary Clinton

Both Hillary and Donald have nummerous scandals: 16 most notorious Hillary Clinton scandals: Vince Foster Scandal, Travelgate Scandal, Email Server Scandal, Paula Jones Scandal etc; 10 Donald Trump Failures: The ACN Scam, The McCain Fallout, NBC/Universal Fallout, Trump University Debacle, Tax scandal etc. But it was Hillary who made full use of them attacking Trump and Trump was defending almost all the time.

Which candidate are you going to vote for? Although this is a choosing-burger-or-sandwich thing, listen to what they have to say and may you vote for the lesser of two evils!

Should you miss out any topic or live debate, or you want to watch one debate in particular repeatedly, you can free download the presidential debate free from online for a jam-free presidential debate enjoyment using 5KPlayer.

How to Free Download 2016 Presidential Debate Videos HD

Preparation before free downloading Presidential Debates 2016
Step 1: Open your browser and go to one of the Presidential Debate video free downloading source pages. Here take YouTube as an example.

Step 2: Click to play YouTube 2016 2nd US Presidential Debate video and make sure that is the full debate.

Step 3: Copy the URL of this online page.

Note: After copying the URL of this Presidential Debate for free download, you'll need 5KPlayer for the following free download steps. So here now, download 5KPlayer on your Windows/Mac PC in advance.

2016 US Presidential Debate Streams Download Free

Start Free Downloading Presidential Debates 2016
Step 4: Open 5KPlayer and click "YouTube" button to go to the download UI.

Step 5: Paste the URL into the analysis box and click analysis button.

Note: This might take a sec to get the 2016 US Presidential Debate video successfully analyzed. Upon the completion of analysis, a videostrip with a thumbnail and a "Download" button will show up below the URL box.

Step 6: Click the "Download" button to free download Presidential Debates 2016 to your laptops/desktops/surface Pro and playback the video with 5KPlayer immediately.

Click to Free Download US Presidential Debate 2016

Convert Downloaded Presidential Debates to iPhone/Android/Windows Phones
Step 8: Find the free downloaded Presidential Debate video in the video playlist, and move your cursor to the debate video info. A "convert" button with drop-down menu will show up.

Step 9: Select and click "convert to MP4" to convert Presidential Debate videos into MP4 format. You can also click to convert Presidential Debate video to MP3 audio for pure listening hitting road.

Note: For other format conversion, you can resort to a professional Presidential Debate video converter.

Now, you can enjoy your free downloaded Presidential Debates everwhere you feel like to on your portable devices during cooking, work-out or in bed...

Download and Convert Presidential Debate to MP4

Stream Presidential Debate Videos to Apple TV HDTV

5KPlayer's built-in AirPlay function can help stream the Presidential Debate videos to big HDTV via Bonjour protocol:

Step 1: Connect 5KPlayer and your Apple TV the same WIFI network.

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Note: You can "pin" the player on top of your other windows and it automatically adjusts the display window to the size of the debate video.

Step 3: Click the AirPlay button on the top right corner of the playing UI and a popup menu will show up. Select Apple-TV here to stream Presidential Debates to Apple TV.
You can control the video display [fast forward, backward etc] on the computer.

Free Stream 2016 US Presidential Debate to Apple TV

For more info about 2016 Presidential Debate Schedule you may refer to 2016 Election Central, or GOP Event Schedule for Republican debate and Deomcrats.org for Democratic debates.

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