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Top 5 YouTube Music Downloader Free Download Songs from YouTube

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 27, 2020

Trying to find the top free YouTube music downloader that downloads YouTube music with the fastest speed? Or you prefer to choose the one that is not only fast in speed but also as clean as whistle – no ads attached, no virus contained at all. Here is a list of the top 5 free YouTube music downloader for your reference and all your need to do is to select the perfect YouTube music downloader to download MP3 music from YouTube.

Best YouTube Music Downloader Free Download Here and Now!

5KPlayer is the best free YouTube Music downloader you don't wanna miss – judging from downloading speed, safety, music quality, and lots of amazing features. This free YouTube downloader brings you the most astonishing experience of YouTube music downloading.

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No.3 YouTube Music Downloader – YouTube Downloader HD

YouTube Downloader HD used to be able to download MP3 music from YouTube at different levels of quality: Low Quality (64 kbps), Medium Quality (128 kbps), and High Quality (192 kbps). But lately, a serious "YouTube Downloader HD no video to download" problem is still left to be settled. No video, no music, until then, the YouTube downloader HD is just a clumsy and useless software that keeps lagging your computer CPU.

YouTube Video Downloader HD No Video download

No. 4 YouTube Music Downloader – RealPlayer Downloader

One amazing feature of RealPlayer Downloader is that this YouTube music downloader not only can download YouTube videos via URL and then convert to MP3 music but also supports to download YouTube music video directly from YouTube music video page. However, you'll have to download both the RealPlayer Downloader and RealPlayer Converter if you want to get the MP3 music file off of YouTube and this YouTube music downloader is also buggy, that's why users are turning to find a best free RealPlayer downloader alternative now.

No.5 YouTube Music Downloader - KeepVid

Unlike the rest of YouTube music downloader, KeepVid is an online YouTube music downloader which can easily download YouTube music in M4A audio format just via simple URL coping and pasting. Keepvid. com is a sole webpage so that you can avoid to download a YouTube music downloader software to take up more computer storage. However, KeepVid MP3 downloads is not available yet and the constant virus and pop up ads of online YouTube music downloader keeps you wondering if KeepVid is safe or not.

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