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Top 15 Best Video Sharing/Streaming Sites Like YouTube

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YouTube has launched the paid YouTube Red service, which makes the biggest video sharing site not free any more. As the giant soon embarked the YouTube music serves, now people tend to find other video sharing sites like YouTube where they can upload and download videos without taking many efforts. the list of top 15 best video sharing sites below has already made for you; you may choose either video sharing site to stream, download or upload your favorite videos.

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Besides downloading videos from YouTube, 5KPlayer helps you to download 1080P Bluray videos,3D movies, 4K 8K ultra HD video and movies in MP4/MKV/AVI/FLV from hundreds of video sharing sites for free, including Dailymotion, Vevo, Facebook, Bilibili, etc.

Top 15 Video Sharing Sites

The List of Top 15 Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

Top 1 of the Video Sharing Sites

Top 1 of the Video Sharing Sites: FaceBook
According to the social network, more than eight billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day, this is a huge number as it may make Facebook become the most popular video sharing site against YouTube. And this best video sharing site has passed 1.23 billion monthly users which makes strong and large demands to download videos from Facebook. And it is quite easy because the videos on Facebook are gernerally shorter and uploaded by individuals.

Top 2 of the Video Sharing Sites

Top 2 of the Video Sharing Sites: Vevo
VEVO updates continuously the latest music videos and most novelties of music industry are on this video sharing site. When YouTube has launched the YouTube Red service, users are joking about they would turn to Vevo as most of music videos on YouTube are reposted from Vevo, and you may get the better quality video if you download music videos from Vevo as this best video sharing site has the widest collection of premium official music videos.

Top 1 of the Video Sharing Sites

Top 3 of the Video Sharing Sites: Dailymotion
Dailymotion is one of the biggest video sharing sites in Europe on which you can eaisy find funny clips, music videos, movie trailers, sports videos, and daily viral videos. For that this YouTube alike video sharing site allows users to upload, share, and download videos on Dailymotion for free . And Dailymotion is the perfect Bollywood video sharing site on which you can download Bollywood songs, Bollywood movies, music no matter the latest or the old.

Top 1 of the Video Sharing Sites

Top 4 of the Video Sharing Sites: Vimeo
Vimeo is the open video sharing platform for creative people around the world to upload their creatively genius videos. Tastes really differ in Vimeo video channels, groups and albums. And part of the private Vimeo videos are only open for Vimeo paid members - Vimeo Plus membership at $59.95/yr, or Pro membership at $199/yr. But, if you use the right free Vimeo video downloader, you'll have the free access to download any video off of this video sharing site.

Top 6 of the Video Sharing Sites: Metacafe
Compared to YouTube, Metacafe is a fine banquet with selected best quality videos to download. And this 18+ video sharing site is growing even more popular. The popular video sharing site's global audience was more than 40 million unique monthly viewers since 2011. If you are one of them to entertain yourself with Metacafe videos, the best solution is also to free download your favorite video from Metacafe, so it won't be stutter during playback.

Top 7 of the Video Sharing Sites: Vine
Vine is a popular video sharing site holding short videos for people to share and show their own creative videos. This video sharing site has a lot of mobile users as it was originally designed as Mobile App. Users like to download short videos on Vine and then remix into a longer video to post on other video sharing sites like YouTube. Especially for those hilarious wacky videos, people just can't get enough but to watch them over again and again.

Top 8 of the Video Sharing Sites: Instagram
Instagram is becoming more and more popular which enables its users to take pictures and videos and to share them on a variety of video sharing platforms. Videos on Instagram can be downloaded with a powerful video downloader as well, no matter whether they are your friends' amazing creations or posted by celebrities you are following such as Justin Bieber who often posts his personal Instagram videos on this video sharing site.

Top 9 of the Video Sharing Sites: Break
Break is a popular humorous video sharing site featuring comedy videos,  flash games on which you can watch funny videos and video clips. Unlike other video sharing sites, Break has its own system of promoting the best videos to the homepage thus to get more hits. Only if your videos are original, creative, and meaningful, the editors will select them to be showy and you still own every right to your own videos.

Top 10 of the Video Sharing Sites: Stupidvideo
Stupidvideo.com is full of hilarious and embarrassing videos in different categories. This funny video sharing site shares tons of funny videos, stupid video concerning animals and human beings, and many interesting and shocking video clips. You can also download stupid videos on this almost vulgar video sharing website to share the funny videos with your friends whenever and wherever you please. Just to remember choosing the right downloader.

Top 11 of the Video Sharing Sites: NetFlix
Best video sharing site for streaming Netflix TV shows, movies, series and Desney kids videos. Watch NitFlix movie for free! Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors - 150,000,000.

Top 12 of the Video Sharing Sites: Yahoo! Screen
On this video sharing site you can find sports, kids and funny videos including the latest news video clips. Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors - 125,000,000.

Top 13 0f the Video Sharing Sites: Hulu
Visit the best TV video sharing site on Hulu to watch full TV, past seasons, new originals, and hit movies all in one place. Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors - 75,000,000.

Top 14 of the Video Sharing Sites: Twitch
Twitch is no doubt one of the best game video sharing site, here you can watch different game videos even the videos on live. Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors - 50,000,000.

Top 15 of the Video Sharing Sites: Viewster
Another on demand Anime video sharing site besides Bilibili, rigistration is required to watch movie online for free. Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors - 12,000,000.

Bonus Tips: Top 15 Video Sharing Sites Video Downloader

By reviewing the top 15 best video sharing websites like YouTube, surely you can find that YouTube is not the only place you can go to watch some funny videos, download online movies, and listen to music. Of course, in order to download videos/movies from the above video sharing sites, a powerful and easy to use video downloader is required. In that case, 5KPlayer as the best free video downloader can assist you not only download 4K videos songs from YouTube, but also download HD/UHD videos from Facebook, Vevo, Dailymotion and another 300+ online video sharing sites besides the above list.

Better still, 5KPlayer is 100% safe and allows you to download MTV VMA top songs in MP3 from Soundcloud, Audiomack and it supports to free download MP3 audio directly from the above top 15 video sharing sites with its built-in video to music converter.

After you successfully downloaded videos from the top 15 video sharing sites, you can still use 5KPlayer to play videos in MP4, MKV, AVI no matter at 1080p HD or 2160p UHD. What's more, if you want to watch Netflix on TV, or the downloaded Disney movies with a bigger screen, 5KPlayer is still in hand to help you stream videos from Mac/PC to Apple TV via AirPlay technology.

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