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How to Free Download Top 10 HD Music Videos

Searching for best HD music videos for free download? You will get overwhelmed by the searching results as there are a great many of ranking lists of top music videos on the internet made by varied music websites like YouTube, Artistdirect and listed music video nominees of Grammy award each year. And if you really care for downloading best official released HD music videos, VEVO would also be an ideal place to go since it rises up as a specialist in HD music video sharing and is jointly supported by Universal, Sonny, EMI, Warners and YouTube.

How to Free Download HD Top 10 Music Videos2015?

Equip your Windows/Mac computer with 5KPlayer to free download best HD music videos of all time in any formats like MKV, AVI, FLV etc. from not just YouTube but also over 300 online websites including VEVO, Facebook, and Vimeo.

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What are the Top HD Music Videos Free for Download?

Here, the YouTube& VEVO best 10 Music Videos 2015 free for download based on popularity are listed in this article for your information and preferences.

Top 1 Music Video Download Uptown Funk

Top 1 Music Video Download: Uptown Funk
Though the single was released in the late 2014, its real prevalence was gained in 2015 together with the album Uptown Special. The video goes very energetic, delightful and funny, which can cheer you up and dance to it all the way to the end. Click to learn how to download and convert Uptown Funk MV, which is definitely the best 2015 HD music videos for download.

Top 2 Music Video Download Sugar

Top 2 Music Video Download: Sugar
The music video was filmed at several ballrooms where real weddings were happening. It brought joy and surprise to the new couples and the guests. The MV is very creative and challenging and touching as well when you watch those happy couples shine with vigor.

VLTop3 Music Video Download See You Again

Top3 Music Video Download: See You Again
This song might be the top music video sound track downloaded and streamed in 2015. In the video, Wiz Khalifa performs his rap while rambling on the highway in the mountains as Charlie Puth plays the piano, during which scenes of Brain O'Conner from Fast and Furious series are shown alternately. In the end, O'conner and Toretto shared a route before they drive away at the fork of the road, indicating the life and death separation of the companions in a metaphorical manner. Click to learn how to free download Khalifa songs.

Top 4 Music Video Download Love Me Like You Do

Top 4 Music Video Download:
Love Me Like You Do

For those movie fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, the music video is one of the best ways to immerse yourself back in the sensational mood of the film and at the same time enjoy the stunning dancing part under the chandelier. Download Love Me Like You Do to feel over the astonishing plots the movie brought you.

Top 5 Music Video Download Ghost Town

Top 5 Music Video Download: Ghost Town
Ghost town by Adam Lambert is collected in his forthcoming album the Original High. Its early official release on YouTube has already gained high reputation. Cowboy Whistle juxtaposed with a dance track, the music video is very creative and artistic. YouTube provides the 1080p quality of this music video free for download.

Top 6 Music Video Download: Psycho

Top 6 Music Video Download: Psycho
This best music video is worthy of download since it criticizes the brainless obedience by depicting the soldiers' head as a ball of muzzles, bullets and arrows holding a baby whose innocent face (at the heart of the soldier) gradually get polluted by the Camouflage uniform.

Top 7 Music Video Download: Can't Feel My Face One of the most viewed music videos on YouTube. Can't feel my face, cause I'm high and burning.
Top 8 Music Video Download: Where Are U Now Magnificant doodling in the music video, which crowned the MV with the best visual effect title in 2015 MTV VMA. Download the video to dig for more info containing in the doodles.
Top 9 Music Video Download: The Hills "I only call you when it's half past five. The only time that I'll be by your side. I only love it when you touch me, not feel me..." See how the MV dipicts Abel wanting to keep his relationship with the girl a secret and why is there a car crash?
Top 10 Music Video Download: Bad Blood You will see how Tay features a totally different character of heroine in love tragedy, one of the best 2015 HD music video worth downloading!

How Can 5KPlayer Help to Free Download Top 10 Music Videos?

For top HD music video download, 5KPlayer is definitely your best choice as it supports 4K/5K and 1080p/720p video display and video download of almost all file formats. 5KPlayer has all the connections needed to myriads of popular music video websites, YouTube, Facebook, VEVO, Viemo, Dailymotion, etc. for you to free download best music videos free and fast, catching up with the latest releases and hot singles.

Step 1: Download and install the top 10 music video downloader on your computer.

Note:5KPlayer can be applied to both Mac and Windows system and whole downloading process is fast, virus-free with no malware, spyware, or trackers.

Step 2: Copy the link of the music video.

Step 3: Insert the link into the analyze field and wait for analyzing.

Note: You can select the download format and quality if you want.

Step 4: Click the download button to have the best HD music videos saved in your PC/Mac.

5KPlayer Free Download Top Music Videos

5KPlayer, as a free powerful online top 10 music video downloader, will also surprise you by its built-in AirPlay function, having your downloaded top 10 music videos streamed to your HDTV. You can also edit your downloaded videos and movies by adding subtitles, rotate the videos, and if there's any saw tooth type edge distortion of the video, you can deinterlace the video on its powerful right click.

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