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With Stranger Things Season 2 titillated by its second trailer released on July 22nd, fan theories boiled again both regarding the new characters of Stranger Things Netflix and the clues behind its released episode titles. But the problems is – how to free download Stranger Things season 2 so that you can flexibly schedule the watch, either at a breath or watch each episode as soon as they're released? The free tool below can help you with Stranger Things Season 2 download from Episode 1/2/3…8/9 as fast as lightning!

[Warning: This page does not contain Stranger Things copyright content owned by Netflix. Remember that you cannot use content of Stranger Things, without permission if you plan on selling your video or using it for profit.]

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Stranger Things season 2 free downloader

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Stranger Things Season 2 Download Free According to Episodes Titles (9 Episodes in Total)

Back in late 2016 when Netflix first released respective titles for Stranger Things Season 2 along with its first trailer, different speculations as of where the stories will head to has been in the center of the storm. Now that we've come to know Stranger Things season 2 is set to happen in the 1984's small town Hawkins of Indiana, one year after its first season mysteries, more clues came visible, better facilitating the imaginations based on the highly informative, yet highly confidential 9 titles.

Compared to the first season of this supernatural TV series, which only features 8 episodes, this 2018 gift has made itself a little more informative with 9 episodes contained therein. The www.nme.com's prediction of Stranger Things Season 2 highlighted episode 1, 2, 6, and 9, with the first and last refering to this season's new cast - Max and Billy, both episode 2 and 6 have clear clue associated with Will (If you could still recall the slug-vomit of Will at the last episode of Stranger Things season 1, where the identity of the creature is unknown to all, and could possibly be the Pollywog)

Stranger Things Cast

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1: MadMax
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 2: The Boy Who Came Back To Life
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 3: The Pumpkin Patch
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 4: The Palace
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 5: The Storm
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 6: The Pollywog
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7: The Secret Cabin
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 8: The Brain
Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 9: The Lost Brother

Step by Step: Download Netflix Stranger Things Season 2 Guide >>

What Kind of Novelties Are We Going to See in Stranger Things 2?

This time we're going to see the same old naughty labs including Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and the mysterious little Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) embarking on another quest to the world upside down.

The most prominent new recruitment for Stranger Things Season 2 is hopefully the troublemaker duo – Billy (Dacre Montgomery) and his elder sister Max (Sadie Sink), with the latter generally considered to be introduced in the first episode MadMax. According to the director, Max soon join the young labs group while Billy gives play to a rather feather-ruffling role in Stranger Things Seasons 2.

As for the new monster and villain, we can infer from the new poster that a gigantic spider-shaped Demogorgon is attempting to attack the whole town of Hawkins while Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser), the rumored villain, plays the role as a senior officer with the clean-up task under the Department of Energy.

Aside from the telekinetic little Eleven, mute and enigmatic, another role with strange magical abilities is also going to be introduced into Stranger Things season 2 – Roman, an emotionally damaged young woman who holds a somewhat mysterious connection to the supernatural anecdotes in the small town of Hawkins.

What kind of new adventures are going to happen to the brand new cast in Stranger Things season 2? You'll need to download Stranger Things season 2 episode 1/2/3/4….7/8/9 to find out!

Stranger Things Season 2 Directors - the Duffer Brothers Responding to Fan Theories

Right after the release of Stranger Things season 2 trailer 2, www.thewrap.com revealed 11 fan theories predicting event before Stranger Things season 2 download is available, and here're some of them kindling a headcanon:

1. "Stranger Things Season 2 Theory Suggests Will is not A Demogorgon, but a Giant Slug"

2. "Will is going to possess the same telekinetic power as Eleven does in Stranger Things season 2"

3. "Eleven possesses the ability to create portals to the upside down dimension"

Alongside the 3, other fan theories have been regarded as "Most are wrong, few right or very close" by the director duo of Stranger Things season 2 – the Duffer Brothers. Have you built up any kind of theories to Stranger Things season 2 yourself? If yes, just download Stranger Things season 2 free from episode 1/2/3….7/8/9 to verify your own assumptions! To help yourself warm up with how things come to this step, you may download a recap video of the season before Stranger Things season 1. To do it, you'll need the free 5KPlayer below

Guide: Stranger Things Season 2 Download Free in 720p 1080p HD

Heading right to the point – how to download Stranger Things Season 2 in MP4 MKV 1080p HD to PC or Mac? Now that Netflix hasn't made itself available to cable users except for Comcast X1, you'll either need to switch your subscription or just pay for a monthly Netflix plan at $7.99(Basic)/$9.99(Standard)/$11.99(Premium), among which we recommend you choose the Premium plan to watch Stranger Things Season 2 HD 2160p full episodes. Now that episode 1 of Stranger Season 2 airs on October 27th, hopefully you're going to make it for the first airing with family for a happy Halloween. However, in case you just don't, we don't encourage Stranger Things season 2 download by way of torrent or downloading Stranger Things season 2 OneDrive or from cloud storage services in that malware and bad links are hard to detect if you don't click into it.

How can I free download Stranger Things season in full episodes clean & free? Is it just impossible?

Well, the reason you find it hard to free download Stranger Things Season 2 it just that you've not discovered 5KPlayer yet – the 100% clean, free & superfast 4K video player to watch the ghostbuster gang and the new ugly Demogorgon in 4K UHD. Not only can you use it for Stranger Things Season 2 download in MP4 MKV with subtitles, but also you can download other smash hit shows like Game of Thrones season 7, 2018's best Marvel movies, the Walking Dead season 7, and more Bluray movies from websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc. You don't even need to scratch throughout the web for subtitles, in that the intelligent subtitles detect engine could search for and download matching subtitles for Stranger Things Season 2 episode 1/2/3/4……8/9.

Stranger Things Season 2 Download Free Step by Step Guide

Notice: First free download 5KPlayer for PC (Windows 10) and mac (macOS High Sierra) before downloading Stranger Things season 2.

Step 1: Before downloading Stranger Things Netflix Season 2, launch the brand-new H/W accelerated 5KPlayer on your computer before you visit the YouTube download panel.

Step 2: Search in YouTube and copy the link of Stranger Things Season 2 episode 1/2/3...7/8/9, also you may visit other websites like vumoo.li or www.snagfilms.com to download Stranger Things Netflix.

Step 3: Click Paste URL & Analyze button and the URL of Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 1/2/3....7/8/9 will be automatically analyzed by this superb TV series downloader.

Step 4: Choose your preferred resolution & format, as well as corresponding subtitles.

5KPlayer Download Stranger Things Season 2

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