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How to Free Download Songza Music (Google Play Music) from both Web Version and App

Though Songza, blended in Google Play Music, has been shut down on Jan. 31st 2015, you can still grab your chance to free download Songza music from Google Play Music online webpage. How to do that? We recommend 5KPlayer.

Best Way to Free Download Songza Music Online

You need 5KPlayer to free download Songza music from online, for it provides two free ways to make that happen: 1. direct downloading approach from its web version; 2. Indirect recording approach from iPhone/iPad; 100% clean and adds-free!

Easy Free Stupidvideos Video Downloader

Free Download Songza Music with Professional Songza Music Downloader -5KPlayer:

5kplayer is a free and totally clean Songza music downloader for both Mac and Windows PC. This music downloader supports downloading Songza Music in almost all container formats and audio formats: MKV/WMV/W4A/WKA/MP4/FLV/WebM/3GP etc. The first direct downloading method is through URL, while the second indirect downloading method is through recording.

Songza Music Free Downloader -5KPlayer Features:
*free download online songs videos and other movies from over 300 online websites;
*guarantee 100% download rate and fidelity on Songza without registration and restrictions;

Direct Method: Free Download Songza Music with 5KPlayer from Web

Downloading songs from Songza can be as tricky as downloading videos from Stupid Video sites, since all the music embedded in the site are also queued up in playlists, sharing a common page URL. Therefore, before downloading any music from Songza, you should extract the link of the certain Songza music. And here, we recommend you Chrome browser for a easy extraction.

a. Get Prepared Before Songza Music Downloading :
1. Download, install and run this free Songza Music downloader;

2. Click the YouTube button on the main interface to go to the downloading UI.

You'll see a paste and analysis box provided for video URL.

b. Extract the URL from Songza:
1. Open Songza websites with Chrome.

2. Click to play the music in "Concierge" and then pause to decide that's the very Songza music you want to download.

3. Press "F12" on your keyboard to view the "Developer Tools".

4. Click "Network" and find the file name with longest timeline.

5. Click the file name and copy the "Requested URL" under Headers>General

Note: Same methods can be applied to extracting URLs of videos embedded in media sites like International Business Times, CBS, New York Times, etc. for free downloading.

Get StupidVideos Video URL for Free Download
Songza Music Free Download - Direct Download

c. Start Free Downloading from Songza
1. Paste the link into the analysis box of the free Songza music downloader for analysis.

A videostrip with a thumbnail, a setting button, media info and a download button will then show up below the analysis box for you to free download this Songza music.

2. Click the download button to download Songza music free.

Note: In case that the videos downloaded from Songza are in a container format like MP4, 5KPlayer also enables you to convert the MP4 format into MP3 within a few clicks.

Songza Music Free Download - Download UI

Here is the method to convert the free downloaded Songza music into MP3:
1. Click the Libraray to go to the playlist UI;

2. Find the downloaded Songza music in the playlist and click convert;

3. Choose the target converting format -MP3, and the conversion will be done in seconds.

Songza Music Free Download - Converting UI

Indirect Method: Free Download Songza Music with 5KPlayer from APP

If you are a URL-phobic and don't want to get the URL yourself, then here is the other way - recording, provided that you've got at least a iPhong/iPad at hand for AirPlay.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad and Windows PC/Macbook Pro the same WIFI network.

Step 2: Open and run the free Songza music downloader - 5KPlayer.

Step 3: Swipe up from the bottom of your iDevice to view control center.

Step 4: Click AirPlay to connect the computer and enable Mirroring.

Note: You will see a recording button, which will be used later for recording.

Step 5: Open Songza on your iPhone/iPad and play the music you like.

Step 6: Click the Recordig button and max the volume to record and save the Songza music playlist.

Step 7: Now you can also resort to the converting function of this Songza music downloader to convert the AVI/FLV/MKV recording to MP3.

Songza Music Free Download - Recording

The detailed Songza music free downloading methods are given above and we can assure you that these methods will see to the very last step of your Songza song download. There are many other online video sites where 5KPlayer is also capable of extracting and downloading music vidoes: Dailymotion, Soundcload, Instagram, AudioMack, YouTube, VEVO etc. You can donwload and convert Uptown Funk, save Where R U Now and What Do You Mean of Justin Bieber, etc.

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