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Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 30, 2020

YouTube user often likes to group and classify videos to playlists by the same event, artist or just by their nature. Such as "Grammy Winners 2015" playlist, Beyouce's new album "Beyonce's world" playlist, or something like "The Most Heart Breaking Songs" playlist whatsoever. And it offers convenience for us to enjoy videos one by one in a group without one needless click. But how to download YouTube playlist with a free youtube playlist donwnloader is the question I'm here to answer today.

YouTube with Offline Downloader to Download YouTube to MP3 Music

To download YouTube video playlist and also play it one by one with a free YouTube playlist downloader, 5KPlayer is all you need. It enables you to download and play the HD or 4K UHD video playlist without costing you a penny.

5KPlayer download YouTube video music

Guidance to Download YouTube Playlist with 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a YouTube playlist downloader that is very easy to manipulate, and it also supports downloading playlist from other online video sites. Free download 5KPlayer first and follow these steps to get your YouTube playlist downloaded.

Step 1: Go to Youtube, find the video playlist that you want to download.

Step 2: Copy the URL of this playlist.

Note: When you find the playlist on YouTube, you can only go to the right playlist page by clicking the name of the specific playlist, because if you click the image of the playlist, the appeared URL is just belong to one single video.

YouTube playlist URL

Step 3: Run the 5KPlayer, and click "YouTube" button on the main interface. You will then jump to the YouTube playlist download window.

Step 4: Click "Paste URL & Analyze". The playlist information will show up below the address bar.

Step 5: Now you can press "Download" button to download YouTube videos of the whole playlist at the same time. Of course you can always skip the video that you don't want to download.

Download YouTube Playlist

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