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How to Download All Free Songs Videos Off of YouTube

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: May 07, 2020

As the most popular video streaming and sharing site, YouTube's success partly owes to the tremendous music video resource it offers and the convenience it provides to the users. But the inconvenience lies where it only offers limited YouTube music for download off line. It is time for you to use a powerful YouTube downloader to download all the video and music you like off of YouTube and rip the authentic soundtrack out of it. Please read on to know how to download songs from YouTube.

Free Download Your Favorite Music from YouTube Now

Download free music video from YouTube with 5KPlayer, the best way to transfer original video songs from YouTube to iTunes, PC, Phone or tablets.

5KPlayer download YouTube video music

If you want to save the music as MP3 or AAC, follow the steps below:

Step 6: Go to the "Videos" folder and find the newly downloaded YouTube music video.

Step 7: Simply click the file icon and choose "Convert to MP3", or "Convert to AAC".

Step 8: The music file will be then be showed in the music folder, you can either play it directly with this YouTube music downloader or save it to your phone, iPod, MP3 player or any other place.

Download Songs from Youtube to MP3

While carrying out other tasks, such as playing 4K/5k videos, playing WMA, OGG, FLAC music, and AirPlay music and videos, 5KPlayer still gives a lot of consideration to its YouTube download function. Aims to provide the best service of downloading video songs from YouTube to all the users, this prominent YouTube songs downloader is ready to take you on a fantastic journey of sorts.

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