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How to Delete YouTube Video 2016 Newest Tutorial

When you accidently uploaded a lousy video to your Channel on YouTube, and you want to delete this YouTube video. Or you find that the YouTube video has major audio/visual problem, or you just simply don't like it and want to get rid of it. But how to delete YouTube video? Don't have a clue, never mind, here is a specific tutorial about how to delete video from YouTube and it is quite vital and extremely useful!

5KPlayer - Backup Deleted YouTube Video

In case that you delete the wrong YouTube video unintentionally, 5KPlayer offers free YouTube videos downloading which let you delete YouTube video after backing up leaving you with no worries behind.

How to Delete YouTube Video

How to Delete Downloaded YouTube Videos on 5KPlayer?

5KPlayer is a great tool to download YouTube videos for free, but what if you want to delete the YouTube video you saved from YouTube, or you downloaded the same YouTube video you have downloaded before, and wants to delete the duplicate YouTube video.

How to Delete YouTube Video on 5KPlayer

step 1: Click video folder under "YouTube" in the libraby of 5KPlayer.

step 2: Opt for the YouTube video you want to delete, and then click the minus button "-" on the top of the video. It means delete.

There are video tutorials on YouTube teaching you how to delete a YouTube video on your Channel. But most of them are outdated, you can't even find the buttons or other clickable icons that demonstrated in the tutorial video of how to delete YouTube video. Read this up-to-date how to delete video from YouTube 2016 below to find the most useful way with no frills.

Simple & Vital Tutorial of How to Delete YouTube Video

Delete Video from YouTube

Step 1: Make sure you have signed in your YouTube account then click your account icon on the top right corner, followed by clicking "Creator Studio".

Step 2: Click "Video Manager" on the left pane to enter into the YouTube video list you have uploaded.

Step 3: Choose the target YouTube video you want to delete and then click the arrow icon besides "Edit".

Step 4: Hit "Delete" from the appeared options.

Note: There will be a pop up window to let you make sure this specific YouTube video is the one you want to delete, after going through it, click "YES".

Don't worry, if you really accidently deleted the wrong video from YouTube, don't forget you have already downloaded it from YouTube before with 5KPlayer. Now you have learned how to delete YouTube video, you may want to learn how to download Youtube video as well. Plus, the ultimate way to preventing from deleting YouTube video from the source is to upload the perfect video, thus you will need a brilliant video converter to help you convert, edit, crop, merge, and add subtitles to make sure you have made the amazing video that ready to upload.

How to Download YouTube Video for Backup

5KPlayer is a free yet professinal YouTube video downloader that helps you to download any videos from YouTube not only for backup but also for fun!

Step 1: Download 5KPlayer on your Mac or PC.
5KPlayer is compatible with all main stream browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE and so on, and it supports download any videos, music, TV shows form YouTube.

Step 2: Copy & Paste the URL of the specific video.
Copy the target video URL and then click "YouTube" on the main interface of 5KPlayer to go the video downloading window followed by clicking "Past URL & Analyze" to analyze the YouTube video URL.

Step 3: Click "Download" to free download the target YouTube video.

Note: You can also backup the YouTube in MP3 AAC audio, just need to convert YouTube to MP3 after you downloaded the video to your Mac or PC.

Download Video from YouTube

Good as always, 5KPlayer is your ultimate tool to retrieve the deleted YouTube video with integrated support for YouTube video downloads, vidoe music playback and AirPlay streaming. You can easily use this tool to play MKV video that downloaded from 300+ online video sites, or listen to MP3 music for free. Better still, it streams YouTube videos from your iDevices to Mac/PC or from Mac/PC to Apple TV.

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