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Top 10 Legal Music Download Sites For Free Music Downloads Legally

Top 10 legal music download sites here makes free music downloads legally easier. You can find free music under Common Creative license in MP3 AAC and more and a free music downloader that support them all. Skip illegal music downloading, discover good music from this list of top 10 legal music download sites. No subscription plan here, and get plenty of music hours you want.

2016 Free Music Downloads Legally Must-Have Tool

Legal music download sites vary in quality, even the top 10 place come with pop-up ads. To get uninterrupted music in MP3, AAC and M4A, a free music downloader here can render free MP3 downloads legal 100% safe and clean, try 5KPlayer!

legal music download sites
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Top 10 Legal Music Download Sites to Free Download MP3 and More

legal music download site: Soundcloud

1. Soundcloud

Soundcloud tops all legal music download sites with its uncomparable music collection. However, not every song on Soundcloud can be downloaded according to the protection settings from its uploader. Hence to nab the DJ mixes into your hard drive, 5KPlayer can download Soundcloud songs, music and playlist and background music for free without limits. You' ll be surprised at the amount of free legal music downloads out there.
Good news is that Universal Music Group just made its long-awaited deal to license its music to Soundcloud, enriching this legal music download site so that you can download music from Soundcloud.

2. YouTube

Take care when you download music from YouTube: It entitles music uploaders with a unique Content ID. Technically speaking, direct downloads from YouTube could be illegal. But here's one condition that YouTube offers free music downloads legally under Royal free license: When you search for a music title, click Filters > Choose Common Creative. This helps you find out music whose owners allow you to use. Although the number of results shrink a little, YouTube holds more music, songs than you can imagine. Learn how to free download music from YouTube right now.


Legal music download site - Jamendo

3. Jamendo Jamendo is another ace is the hole in legal music download sites under Creative Commons licenses. Directly offering free MP3 downloads legal in 8 languages, you can dive into the full catalog of over 350,000 tracks, 60,000 albums, and 50,000 artists on Jamendo. Click the top left menu button, and you may discover Jamendo TOP 50 list, as well as its top-class radio stations sorted by genre.

Legal music download site - Bandcamp

4. Band Camp Bandcamp provides weekly music recommendation, which is a highlight among all the legal music download sites. There are thousands of albums tagged by rock, punk, ambient, electronic and more, you may also find many free music downloads legally under Common Creative. Every week it pushes a different play list for free MP3 downloads legal.

Legal music download site - Free Music Arhive

5. FMA Free Music Arhive lauched in 2009 endeavors to offer 5,000+ free music downloads legally. In collaboration with the music copyright holders who believe that, a certain degree of free mp3 downloads legal will benefit both the users and help artists improve quickly. Hence free legal music downloads directly from FMA is available.

Legal music download site - Last.FM

6. Last.FM Last.FM asks each of its users to install Scrobbler, its own music downloader in or to get free music downloads legally from its archive. Yet among all the legal music download sites, Scrobbler works for Last.FM only. Then 5KPlayer is probably more comprehensive for it supports 300+ music and video download sites. Good thing about Last.FM is that it relates to more music you might like and recommend play list accurately.

Download Music From Legal Music Download Sites - Must-have Tool!

Big collection legal music download sites like Souncdloud only makes part of its music free for download, while smaller sites come with endless pop-up ads or fussy registration steps. How to skip illegal music downloading? Here an all-in-one music downloader for Mac and Windows can save music from them all. 5KPlayer can not only download YouTube to MP3, download Face book and Vimeo videos, it supports other legal music download sites such as Audiomack, Souncclick, and you name it.

Legal music download site - Internet Archive

7. Internet Archive A non-profit legal music download site featuring 2,700,000 audio items. Quite different from other legal music download sites which popular song works only, Internet Archive functions as an Internet library containing catalogues of news, compact disc, disco, etc. An awesome place for free music downloads legally either you want materials for research or for relax.

Legal music download site -

8. Mixcloud Mixcloud is an much-alike counterpart to Soundcloud. Both the two legal music download sites set a platform for new artist to upload soundtracks, bringing users plenty of DJ mixs, mashups and original soundtracks for free MP3 downloads legal. 5KPlayer can also function as a Mixcloud downloader to download Mixcloud to MP3.

Legal music download site - SoundOwl

9. SoundOwl The sleek interface of SoundOwl attract enough customers who prefer free music downloads legally in a straight-forward way. You may always be happy to find some recent music titles for free MP3 downloads legal on SoundOwl, however, this site doesn't really abound in its music collection: Most of SoundOwl pieces are also available on Soundcloud, exactly why it's the biggest legal music download site.

Legal music download site - Incompetech

10. Incompetech Incompetch is a legal music download site established by Kevin MacLeod, offering instrumental music composed by himself. You may easily find audio files by tags like "The 19 most downloaded music" or "the 19 longest pieces of music". A total number of 1,200+ free MP3 downloads legal all under Common Creative license.

What are the Types of Legal Music Download Sites License?

There are 3 types of license for music use, 1. Public domain music (for music before 1922) 2. Royalty Free Music (require purchase), and 3. Creative Commons Music, this is the most popular license for free music downloads legally, and all the above legal music download sites are under CC, except for YouTube (Royalty free music license).

How to Download MP3 from Legal Music Download Sites?

Get 5KPlayer for free on your Mac/PC to download music MP3 from Soundcloud, Mixcloud and other free legal music download sites. Here free download Beatles Let it Be is taken as an example.
Step 1: Get the search result for the Beatles Let it Be from YouTube under Common Creative license filter, copy the URL.

Step 2: Tap YouTube button on the main interface of 5KPlayer, click Paste URL and Analyze.

Note : The outstanding built-in URL video downloader 100% safe and green.

Download Beatles Songs Free

Step 3: Free MP3 downloads legally or convert video to MP3.

Note : If you already have a music video of Beatles songs, tap the setting button right next to thumbnail, you can change video format to .mp3, .aac directly with 5KPlayer.

Step 4: Tap and get free music downloads legally superfast.

The Beatles Let it Be

Note : 5KPlayer is a free music downloader to help you obtain resources from legal music download sites. But it's never only a music downloader: If downloading 4K/8K/UHD video is your serious concern, or you're really into downloading music videos, you can trust them all to this legal music download software.
Tips 1 : If the free legal music file you just downloaded can not be set as ring tone, 5KPlayer can help by converting it to ring tone compatible format.
Tips 2 : If your current music player can't recognize a music file? Then try 5KPlayer, it's the best free music player which crank out any format from legal music download sites.

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