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Can't Stop The Feeling
Justin Timberlake

Collections of Best Songs MTV VMA 2015-2016

Top songs 2016 can never be sorted out without the recognitions of mass music lovers. MTV VMA 2016 and Billboard Music Awards 2016 really speak for them as mainstream voices in this regard. So this year, musicians are as always, racking their wits to get listed. Some of them have struggled to the top, while others not. The compelling Lemonade - the Billboard biggest winner seems to be determined to continue the triumphant in MTV VMA 2016 with her salvation single - All Night; Rihanna & Drake are also giving a blow in MTV VMA 2016 after ruling the Billboard Music Awards chart for 6 consecutive weeks; Meghan Trainor & Fifth Harmony presented a new interpretation of MV art; Justin Timberlake finally dropped a igniting Can't Stop The Feeling after 3 years of absence ... Into their wars? Read on.

The Predicted MTV VMA 2016 Best Songs Free Download!

Many of our recommended top songs 2016 will be nominated for several titles simultaneously, resulting in their fierce and complicated competition for MTV VMA 2016 winners. Be in a chaos already? The partially MTV VMA 2016 winners with corresponding awards are predicted here for you to take a glimpse!

Beyonce - Lemonade Beyonce - Lemonade

Taking the absolute lead as the most feature-length music video in 2016 MTV VMA, Lemonade is one ace in the hole as a MTV VMA 2016 winner - winning both video of the year and best collaboration of 2016 MTV VMA, seems nothing can stop Lemonade touching the top songs 2016.

Coldplay - Up & Up Coldplay - Up & Up

With incredible vision and unmoored production, Coldplay's Up&Up is the Best Male Video of MTV VMA 2016! Rumors say this could be the fairware work of Coldplay, but they can't stop this talented band from nailing it in either Best Male Video or top songs 2016.

 Rihanna Ft. Drake - Work Rihanna Ft. Drake - Work

Though some fans describe Rihanna Work Ft. Drake as a chill upon its release, Billboard Music Awards 2015 proves it to be real grower - definitely one of the best songs 2015. Work is a sleek, uptempo hip-hop, not only Best Female Video of MTV VMA it wins but also best Pop Video 2016.

Where Are U Now Justin Bieber Jack U ft. Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now

The overwhelming visual effect in Where Are U Now earns itself the place as one of the top songs 2015 and MTV VMA 2015 nominees. It's the combination of music and doodling animation with mass participation of their fans. Hidden information in those doodles is worth the dig.

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda Iggy Azalea - Team

The album title "Digital Distortion" is well explained in this vid via the blurryfaces of many cool Iggys, urging you to take a stand on the team. This innovative vid seems going to gain another credit by its catchy rhythm. A very competitive candidate for Best HipHop Vid MTV VMA 2016.

Beyoncé - 7/11 Beyoncé - 7/11

Beyoncé’s 7/11 has been nominated as MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year as well but this video turns out to be the music video aword for Best Editing. 7/11 music video seems like a nice dance class because only have Beyoncé’s solo dance, but so what, Best Editing award it is!

Shakira - Try Everything Shakira - Try Everything

The long-awaited Shakira's Try Everything single is an exciting gift together with the excellent Zootopia movie. Although it didn't immediately go viral upon release, its perfect translating Zootopia's intention drives it all the way to MTV VMA 2016 stage.

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do Meghan Trainor - No

One of the top songs 2016, NO is surely going to bring heat for this summer as this dance pop will tremble your body while it starts the beat with Meghan's classic Jazz vioce. Best party song of the summer 2016, sending a breeze of female-forward spirit.

See You Again Fifth Harmony - Work From Home

Sexy cool catchy music video collaboration brought forward by five hot girls will certainly whet you appetite. We list Work From Home as one of the best songs of 2016 for it's by far the best female joint effort this year ever, a very promising winner in the battle on MTV VMA 2016.

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Billboard Music Awards 2016 Think Differently

What a pity that Sam Smith, Iggy, One Direction – Billboard Music Awards 2016 Top Duo/Groups, did not show up in the MTV VMA 2016 nomination. Reasons are arcane but facts are intriguing – so are there any top songs 2016 enjoying both the Billboard Music Awards and MTV VMA 2016 nominations?

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Released in 2014 yet still gaining quite a big momentum in 2015, Shake It Off can really be a senior leader of best songs 2015, which has an unfailing ability to get nominated for top hot 100 song and top streaming song in Billboard award simultaneously.

Iggy Azalea - Fancy

After a whole 7 years, we finally have Iggy Azalea as the first female rapper to touch top. Her awesome MV producer - Director X - makes it really, really difficult for Billboard Music Awards 2015 committees to reject this piece.

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

It's an emotional Billboard Music Awards 2015 nominee. How many guys are out there, hurt inside but afraid to cry? Stay With Me is the kind of top songs 2015 which can fiercely put your shameful secrets into words.

Billboard Music Awards 2015
Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

Still worrying about your size this summer and the countless summers to come? All About That Bass will make you feel perfect from bottom to top. Hey, top songs 2015 won't neglect that part of women’s inner voice.

Idina Menzel - Let It Go

2015 Billboard top streaming song (video), Let It Go, the top soundtrack of Frozen, though out for over half a year, is definitely one of the top songs 2015 you can enjoy to distance yourself from the blue mood.

John Legend - All of Me

Seems like John legend has the widest vocal to deliver such heart-breaking “All Of Me”. It is more than the top streaming song of Billboard music awards 2015, but also the best healing romantic top song of 2015.

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