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Written by Christina

A good Batman vs Superman story should have at least two (apparant and hidden) threads, fierce fight scenes, much more advanced Batcave, and it seems that this movie has got them all and more. The released 3 BVS trailers are like gums that have been overly and repeatedly chewed by DC hero fans one and another. Thank god we no longer need to listen to their guesses anymore, since for theater-goers you can watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 3D IMAX in cinema, and for the rest of us here with the free Batman vs Superman movie downloader you can free download watch Batman vs Superman movie in full length to watch at home repeatedly! A masterpiece or a underwhelming mess, it was reported on March 27 that BVS has so far "taken in an estimated $170.1 million in North America and an additional $254 million in simultaneous release overseas".
--Does Absolutely Power Corrupts Absolutely? We just hope not.

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Free Download Batman vs. Superman to Reveal 4 Secrets

"Today, is a day of a truth. The world need to know what happened, and to know what he stands for. That kind of power, is very dangerous." "Let the record show that this committee holds him responsible." Batman vs Superman follows closely to the ending of its prequel Superman: Man of Steel with several scenes of world engine and Zod fighting Superman later pictured from Batman's perspective.

Why is Wonder Women in Batman vs. Superman Battle?

The BVS plot can be indicated already – after witnessing the force of Krypton aliens destroying the metropolis, the paranoid Batman deems Superman as a threat to the whole planet. His concern is taken advantage of by the real villain –Lex Luthor, who is driven crazy by jealousy of this interfering-alien's fame and becomes the arch-nemesis of Superman. Irritating Batman to fight with superman yet the outcome is not what Lex expected. Then he calls out a real demon to deal with Superman. BTW, "Red capes" is a great metaphor that implies Lex worries about Superman might be a wolf under the cover.

Batman V Superman Puzzles

However, given all the above info, little clue is shown in the trailers about the Wonder Women. Why is she here in the first place? What is she scheming for? Is she the key role that unites Batman and Superman while at the same time set pace for the whole plot before it falls into real madness?

Yes, we all noticed General Zod's corpse in the trailer. And thanks to Lex Luthor's twisted experiment, it turns out to be the reanimated monstrosity that both Batman and Superman cannot handle. And that's why the plot needs a god to join in the fray when Doomsday comes, but not why she wants to be in metropolis in the first place. With an awful lot of gods out there, why is she the chosen one for this fight? Free download batman vs superman movie to find out.

Why Does Lex Luthor Want to Create Doomsday from Zod's Corpse in Batman vs. Superman?

At present, the only and weak answer would be "Lex the sociopath goes crazy on the way to eliminate Superman and doesn't give a shit to the outcome." But is that so? Is he willing to set fire to his whole accomplishment? There must be something that Lex hopes to gain from unleashing Doomsday, and that can only be found in the BVS movie.

Will Aquaman, The Flash And Cyborg be Involved in the BVS movie and how?

It's been rumored for a while that aside from Green Lantern, all the future Justice Leaguers will be featured in the BVS. But how? Taking minor roles in the show? Or maybe some of them are still unaware of their potent as a humanbeing like Cyborg at a normal stage before going cybernetic.

What Will Happen to Lois Lane and Superman's Mother in BvS Movie?

They mean a lot to Superman and if Lex has both of them kidnapped to threaten Superman, Lex will get what he wants. Then, will they get hurt or even have to die?

Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Free Downloader

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Free Download Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Full HD

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Free Download Batman Vs Superman HD 1080P

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