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Download 4 Best Beatles Songs to Learn All about Beatles Members

Beatles songs each marks a milestone in live rock. This article sorts out the 4 most magnificent Beatles songs to free download from YouTube performed by Beatles members, you can trace into the stories behind Paul, Lennon, Starr and Harrison over the lyrics and rhythm of Beatles songs and chords.

Free Download Beatles Songs: Everything about the Beatles Members

5KPlayer helps you download the 4 most magnificent Beatles songs from YouTube, and from 300+ sites for free, which string up the whole career of Beatles members. This best Beatles songs downloader and player livens up the Beatles song list and Beatles chords, with it you feel as if sitting in the front row of a Beatles live concert.

Download Beatles Songs Free
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From the fresh debut Love Me Do the 1970 swan song Let it Be, the Beatles songs redefined the word Music with identifiable Beatles lyrics and catchy Beatles chords that everyone could sing along to. To learn the secret the greatest rock band ever, there' re 4 Beatles songs you shouldn't miss.

NO. 1 The Beatles Love Me Do, 1962, Please Please Me

Beatles Songs from Cradle to Prime
The first original Beatles song created when the Beatles members were at their teens, which brought the Beatles music to shock the United States, and to challenge the crush on Elvis Presley. 5KPlayer can not only download the Beatles Love Me Do from YouTube to your Mac/PC with excellent vibrancy, it also enables you to blast the Beatles full album from computer to your AirPlay speakers with originality.

NO. 2 Yesterday Beatles, 1965, Help!

The Beatles Song Almost Split out the Lennon Team and McCartney Team
Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday Beatles and was the only Beatles member to play on it. Yesterday Beatles was up to now the most broadcast Beatles songs. It marked a shift to independent Beatles songs creating from the old style of 4 Beatles members as a whole.

NO. 3 The Beatles Hey Jude, 1968, Past Masters

Friend or Father? The Beatles Song for Julian Lennon
Paul McCartney wrote this Beatles song to comfort Julian — Lennon' s 5-year-old son when his parents got divorced. Later on Julian became even closer to Paul than his own father. This song is specially the thing for 5KPlayer to handle, listen to the vocal "Hey Jude", then the song reaching a peak of intensity with McCartney delivering the identifiable Beatles chords "better... better... better". That's what this robust player is good at: It has terribly fantastic equalizer for vocal live like Beatles live songs.

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NO. 4 The Beatles Let it Be, 1970, Let it Be

Twilight of Beatles Songs, Nirvana of Paul McCartney
The autumn of 1968 was difficult for the Beatles members to carry on, that's the time when the Beatles Let it Be was composed, while Paul desperately dreamed of the comfort from mom. Download Beatles songs from YouTube and play this song with 5KPlayer, it would make you forget everything else because it's such a peaceful relief that every sadness seems to be flashing back.

Nothing beats 5KPlayer if you are so much into Beatles songs. This all-in-one media player understands what you are expecting: Download Beatles songs HQ, Download Beatles full albums from YouTube.

It creates every detail to show respect to every Beatles members: guarantee the full originality when streaming the Beatles songs audio to AirPlay speakers/home stereo, and render every vocal and whisper of Yesterday Beatles HQ.

How to Free Download the Beatles Full Song?

Step 1: Download and launch 5KPlayer on your Mac/PC (If you haven't already).

Step 2: Get the web search result for the Beatles Let it Be from YouTube.

Note : You can also use this music player freeware to download Beatles songs MP3/MP4 from Vevo or download Beatles White Album.

Step 3: Tap YouTube button on the main interface of this robust downloader, which swiftly downloads Beatles songs with vibrancy.

Note : The outstanding equalizer of 5KPlayer is something you wouldn't want to miss, right click on the playback area > Audio > Equalizer Style. This setting optimizes live records like Beatles songs to a great extent.

Download Beatles Songs Free

Step 4: Download the Beatles Let it Be in different resolution and format.

Note : Tap the setting button right next to the Beatles songs music video preview, then you can select and download the video in .mp4, .webm format, and in .mp3, .aac audio.

Step 4: Download Beatles songs video and convert video to MP3/ring tone.

Note : This music downloader enables you to convert the Beatles songs into MP3 or ring tone, click the convert button after you finishing downloading the Beatles Let it Be and the conversion will start automatically.

The Beatles Let it Be

Salute to the Beatles Songs: Download, Listen and Feel to Make it Alive

Free download the Beatles songs for love, they measured the altitude of British rock;
Free download the Beatles songs for peace and death, they measured the latitude of world music.
The inner of Beatles songs original creation will wither up until they are listened to and loved by another people.
That's exactly the way we salute to an rock era of Beatles songs — by downloading the Beatles songs and listen to the secret inside.

Note : 5KPlayer is the best downloader to free download Beatles songs. For all the identifiable Beatles songs, this robust downloader and player will playback it as if in live atmosphere.
Tips 1 : You can get the best full Beatles songs to free download from YouTube, the highlight Beatles songs clips are available to download on Metacafe.
Tips 2 : If the Beatles song file you just downloaded can not be set as ring tone, 5KPlayer can help by converting it to ring tone compatible format.
Tips 3 : Already have a collection of Beatles sound record, but your current media player doesn't support playback of such oldies? Then try 5KPlayer, it has been successfully used to play old and new music format, which will surely suit your favorite Beatles songs and albums.

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