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YouTube is a great place to streaming 4K videos, as it already covered almost the whole 4K video content. But streaming 4K YouTube video online takes up the bandwidth usage in a great deal thus you won't be able to do other stuff with your internet. It will be a better choice to download and play 4K YouTube videos with a reliable 4K YouTube downloader – 5KPlayer.

5KPlayer Makes It Easy to Download 4K YouTube Videos

Built in with 4K YouTube downloader, 5KPlayer allows you to free download 4K videos from YouTube and downloads YouTube 4K videos which embedded on other websites. More surprisingly, this free 4K YouTube downloader downloads 4K YouTube to MP3 in original quality.

Free Download 4K YouTube
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Extraordinary Features This 4K YouTube Downloader Embraces

Undoubtedly, 5KPlayer plays 4K YouTube videos competently as it is made to play ultra high definition videos on both Mac and PC. Today let's shed more light on the video downloading feature of this 4K YouTube downloader and talk more about why you should use it to download 4K YouTube videos and how easy it is to download 4K YouTube videos.

Part 1: Reasons to Choose 5KPlayer to Download YouTube 4K Videos

#1 Download 4K YouTube Videos

Downloading 4K YouTube videos fleetly requires not only the powerful megabyte of the bandwidth, but also a powerful 4K YouTube downloader. 5KPlayer obviously puts up the best performance when downloading YouTube videos in 4K 60fps. Based on the testing, to download 573.8MB 5 minutes Costa Rica in 4K 60fps MP4 on YouTube only needs 60s to be downloaded with 5KPlayer. And still, the original quality of this 4K YouTube video remains unharmed.

Free download 4K YouTube to MP3

#2 Download 4K YouTube to MP3

YouTube online downloaders don't provide to download 4K YouTube videos, let alone downloading 4K YouTube to MP3. While 5KPlayer just need a single click to download 4K YouTube videos to MP3 within seconds. This 4K YouTube to MP3 downloader extracts the soundtrack from 4K Video to MP3 and AAC straight away in the original audio quality, without any re-encoding. So you can play the 4K YouTube in MP3 in any devices you want.

#3 Download YouTube Embedded 4K Videos

5KPlayer catches YouTube 4K videos embedded into other websites as well. It is the same as downloading 4K videos from YouTube, you can copy the website URL directly and past it into 5KPlayer's downloading frame. This 4K YouTube downloader is intelligent enough to detect the 4K YouTube clips in the webpage and get them ready to download no matter two or three or more.

Free download 4K YouTube playlist

#4 Download YouTube 4K Video Playlist

The 4K YouTube downloader you are looking at also empowers you to download any YouTube 4K video playlists and download the whole YouTube 4K videos from the channel you subscribed. Simple paste the single URL of the YouTube 4K video playlist or the channel URL, this 4K YouTube downloader will analyze the video one by one and give you a list of 4K YouTube video. One smart thing of 5KPlayer is that you are free to choose download all 4K YouTube videos from the list or leave some 4K YouTube videos undownload.

Part 2:How Easy It is to Download and Play 4K YouTube Videos

It is as simple as copying and pasting the URL, no need to use scripts or browser plug-ins or any third-party software assistance.

Steps to Download 4K YouTube vidoes:

1. Get this 4K YouTube downloader for free first, and then install and launch it on your Mac (OS 10.7 or later) or PC (Windows 10/8/7/XP).

2. Click "YouTube" button on the main interface to enter into the downloading panel of this 4K YouTube downloader.

3. Grab the 4K YouTube video URL or 4K YouTube playlist URL on hundreds of video sites and then paste into the address frame on the downloading panel by simply click "Paste URL & Analyze".

4. Hit "Download" to start download YouTube 4K videos after the detailed information appears.

Free Download 4K YouTube Videos

Steps to play 4K YouTube videos:

Once the YouTube 4K video was downloaded with this 4K YouTube downloader, you are free to play the 4K YouTube videos right away with 5KPlayer in a smooth, no stumble way. You have three different ways to play 4K YouTube videos.

a. Find the 4K YouTube video from the YouTube video list of this 4K YouTube downloader and then double click it.
b. Drag & drop the 4K YouTube video to this 4K YouTube downloader's icon or interface once it was launched.
c. Open the folder you used to save your 4K YouTube videos and open the specific 4K YouTube video by right click it and navigate to "open with 5KPlayer"

Free Play 4K YouTube Videos

Downloading and playing YouTube 4K videos for 5KPlayer is only a tip of the iceberg, this 4K YouTube downloader can do so much more things that you could think of. For starter, it is also a 5K 8K video downloader to download ultra HD and full UHD videos from 300+ online video sites. Second, this 4K YouTube downloader supports AirPlay which including streaming music videos and mirroring Mac/PC full screen to Apple TV 4/3/2. No to mention it plays 3D movies, DVDs and video torrent, etc. Want to know more what this 4K YouTube downloader and player is capable of, free download it now and start your experimenting.

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