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Posted by Amanda Hu | Last updated: October 12, 2019

Why it is so hard to find an audio player for Mac that plays music on my Mac in the way I want, handles the most majority audio formats: Flac, MP3, AAC, etc and possibly organizes my music file presentably so that I can easily locate the specific track I want to play?

What if I tell you that there is one audio player app for Mac that meets all the requirements above and it gives you the right to create your own music playlist and offers one-click solution to add the music to your favorites. By that Mac audio player application, I mean 5KPlayer.

5KPlayer – Manage and Play Music on Mac Easy and Free With this best audio player for Mac, you will be able to play HD audio with up to 24bit/193kHz, at 4 times higher than the standard 44kHz sound resolution and besides supporting MP3 and AAC, 5KPlayer also plays lossless FLAC music, DTS, APE & M4A without conversion.

/5kplayer-download-mac.htm>Mac Audio Player Free Download
  • Converts YouTube, DVD, video to audio in MP3 AAC.
  • Presents Hi-Res audio with no audio formats conversion.
  • Gapless music playlist playback and hot keys for any preference.
  • Supports audio AirPlay from/to Mac OS X.

5 Audio Player App You Actually Want to Use on Mac OS X

No.1 5KPlayer – Most Comprehensive Video and Audio Player for Mac

5KPlayer was made originally made for those who value audio quality, with the true audio connoisseurs, this Mac music player support the world's premium sound system which allows you to enjoy 5.1 multichannel audio playback for the most sophisticated audio playback experience on Mac OS X. This OS X audio player natively supports 180+ music formats including FLAC, WMA, M4A, OGG, MP3, AAC, etc.

And for someone wants to find the best audio player for Mac is because he wants to play his video with amazing sound quality. With DTS support, 5KPlayer is exactly what he needs to play video and audio with superb quality.

Integrated with video-to-audio conversion feature, this audio player for Mac offers you the free access to download YouTube video in MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV and directly convert it to MP3 and AAC and then automatically add to your music playlist on Mac.

Free download this free 4K/HD video and Dolby TrueHD audio player on your Mac, it takes no time for you to find out its mind-blowing sound quality.

Best Free OS X audio player

No.2 VOX Music Player for Mac

If you are looking for an audio player that could work on both your Mac and iPhone like iTunes, VOX music player is it. But unlike iTunes that all you get is a small window, this audio player for Mac is quite comprehensive, the compact interface is so directive that you can control the audio player easily to do everything you need it to.

VOX offers you a large music database, it integrated with LastFM and SoundCloud which you can easily access the world's music and discover new tracks! However, this audio player for Mac is still under developing, crashes happen and also buggy, but the new update is definitely worth expecting.

popular music player for Mac

No. 3 VLC Media Player for Mac

VLC is a well-known badass video player and that's why we normally associate VLC with video, but it is also an awesome audio player for Mac with full music-playing features which you can create your own music playlist. One smart feature of this Mac audio player is that it gives you Dynamic Range Compression to subdue the loud sounds and amplify quiet sounds.

However, you do have to be careful about the VLC audio delay problem when you want to play a music video with this OS X audio player.

Hidden great audio player for Mac

No. 4 Nightingale

As a music player for Mac, Soundbird has the best organization but sounds bad. Fortunately it was shut down in 2013, and then an alternative called Nightingale come into being. So if you want to go for a light weighted open source audio player for Mac that won't take up your much CPU, you wouldn't want to miss Nightingale.

With advanced library management, built-in web browser that you can easily get integrated with certain web services and gain the access to popular music streaming service.

 Light weight audio player for mac

No. 5 Audirvana

Most people like Audirvana is because of its function of switches both the source's sample rate and bit depth according to the song it plays. But this audio player for Mac sucks at library management. If you are looking for a high-end software audio player for OS X and doesn't care about it's free or not, then this is it. This Mac audio player is able to play every high-resolution format that you want and it fairly distinguish the sound experience if you try to compare it to iTunes.

high end Mac audio player

What Is the Perfect Audio Player for Mac You Would Choose?

5KPlayer has amazing library organization which you can create your own music playlist, add your most-listening music tracks to "Favorites" with one tap on the heart icon. Plus this audio player for Mac has the easy audio playback setup that you can manually switch to list your audio playback list by name, time, artist, etc.

If you prefer a better library management, Audirvana is probably not a good idea. And if you are rigid about the sound quality, you should not go with VLC either. So what's your call?

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