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7 Best MKV Players for Mac OS Sierra El Capitan Free Download

Can't play MKV on Mac El Capitan properly? Finding best MKV video players for Mac? Here lists seven most efficient and powerful MKV players for Mac on any Mac OS X from EL Capitan to Snow Lepard and Mountain Lion. You can get each listed MKV player Mac free downloaded from their official websites to try out a few and see if any of these free MKV Player Mac best fits your specific needs.

First-rate MKV Player for Mac Free Download-5KPlayer

Free download 5KPlayer, the best free MKV player for Mac El Capitan and other OS X. You will get thrilled by how fast it recognizes MKV and how brilliant it is to extract more fun from a single MKV file on Mac. Get this MKV video player for Mac free downloaded now!

Best MKV Players for Mac

No. 1 Best Free UHD MKV Player for Mac – 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a trustworthy free MKV player for Mac and can open and read other formats covering WebM, 3GP, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, DIVx, .rm, .rmvb and HD codecs like H.264/265, VP8/9. So basically almost all UltraHD videos in MKV can be played by this free Mac MKV player. Besides, this professional MKV player provides a plan-B for your MKV playback on Mac: you can free convert a 5-min MKV into MP4 (H.264) through few clicks. You can also extract audio from music videos in MKV and convert MKV to AAC/MP3.

FYI, 5KPlayer presents three major functions: MKV Ultra-HD playback, online music video free download, and free streaming via AirPlay. It connects abundant free music/video resources with high quality auditory & visual experience in the matter of 7 surround sound support, high definition and big screen. With this free MKV player downloaded on Mac, you can even watch 3D movies in MKV, enjoy 4K/8K videos in MKV on TV, and play Blu-ray videos and other region free DVDs.

No. 1 MKV Player for Mac 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is also one of the best MKV players for Windows 10, and best DVR players for Mac Windows. It fully supports tons and thousands of popular formats like FLV, AVI, WMV etc. For more media players reviews, you can go to:
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Top MKV Players for Mac

No. 2 Best Open Source MKV Player for Mac– VLC

VLC is a highly customizable open source free MKV player for Mac. As a famous media player, VLC has got the most complete MKV editing functions than others. It provides basic add-on utilities - inserting subtitles, looping MKV videos, MKV video deinterlacing as well as advanced ones like crop, overlay, water effect, Anaglyph 3D playback etc. VLC can even read incomplete, unfinished, damaged videos, or an unknown format in its raw form. So, if you want to test the status of a MKV file on Mac- damaged or not- try VLC player first. Free download VLC.
Any problems using VLC on Mac/PC, please refer to the following solutions:

No.3 Most Beautiful MKV Player Mac – MplayerX

The most attractive feature about this MKV player for Mac is its efficient and novel playback control on the Macbook touchpad. You can rotate/minimize/toggle full-screen/move frame/change volume/change frame size etc by tapping/pinching/swipe on the touchpad. Low and behold, you'll find MPlayerX works excellently with MKV and other files.
You may also want to know some Mplayer alternatives:
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No.4 OSX Most Compatible MKV Player Mac – QuickTime with Perian

Perian is an open source Quick Time component that allows QuickTime Player to play MKV on Mac and other various formats not supported natively by QuickTime. But this may not be the best approach since Perian project has already shut down in 2012 and hasn't been updated for like a year and a half, thus it is now without full support for the latest versions of Mac OS X. This is also a method worth trying to solve MP4 not playing in QuickTime.


No.5 Easy-to-use Free MKV Player Mac – DivX Player

DivX player also plays MKV files on Mac quite at hand. The only three problems are that: first, if you don't uncheck the boxes for downloading functions like converter/media server, you will get all the software pack downloaded on your Mac; second, you will have to pay for this MKV player Mac upgrade; third, it seems that DivX is bunched with adaware on the main UI. Free download this Mac MKV player and check them out if have the time.

No.6 & 7 More Than Just MKV Players for Mac – Plex & XBMC

By viewing the recommendations of media centers for Windows 10, it is not hard to find that both Plex and XBMC (KODI) Mac versions support MKV files on Mac, and can serve as a Mac MKV player to play MKV files in a smooth manner. They also provide vast online streaming sources and catering to your endless TV/sports shows' needs.

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