How to Transfer Everything from Android to iPhone 8/X?

Last Updated: January 8, 2018

When you prepare to switch Android to iPhone 8/X, you need to consider what you should take on your Android phone with you. Even though you are tired of the out-of-date appearance or the slow software update of your old Android phone, your precious memories including photos, contacts, notes, etc are vital for you to keep and transfer to new iPhone 8/X.

Frankly, there are more ways to old iPhone to new iPhone transfer than Android to iPhone transfer in the light of the different operating systems, but where there is requirement, there is workaround to get you through how to transfer everything from Android to iPhone 8/X or 7/6S 6 etc without any data loss.

After testing various Android to iPhone transfer tools, we have found that most of these tools are great and allow you to one-click transfer data from Android to iPhone 8/X//7/6 etc in batch. Among them, Move to iOS stands out as the official app developed by Apple like iTunes created for iPhone to iPhone copy that you can use to peer-to-peer transfer Android to iPhone 8/X/7/6 etc wirelessly if you don't mind it is a bit time-consuming to set up the transfer process, the app should stay onscreen the whole time of Android to iPhone transferring, and more.

But, here we would like to offer you a different way and advise you to selectively transfer files from Android to iPhone 8/7/6 etc as some data are duplicate and useless. DearMob iPhone Manager will make the process of moving contents from Android to iPhone 8/X/7/6 etc one by one or in batch far simpler. Check the contents you need to transfer that are important like photos you take with your friends/families/colleagues, notes that contain your meeting time table and contacts you use to manage your relationship, etc, and let's begin.

1. Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone 8/X

Before start Android to iPhone 8 transfer, free download DearMob iPhone Photo Manager derived from DearMob iPhone Manager, install and launch it on your PC, then use Apple original USB cable to connect your iPhone 8/X to your computer. Once connected, tap "Trust" if there is a message window popping up on your iPhone 8/X, and then go on the following steps.

Transfer Android Photos to iPhone

Step 1. Backup Your Android Photos to Computer

1. Plug your Android phone into your computer via USB cable.
2. Pull down the Notification shade on your Android phone, and make sure it's connected. It should connect automatically in Media transfer mode (MTP).

3. Now a pop-up window appears on your PC, which will give various options including Open device to view files. Alternatively you can go to Start -> Computer or just double-click Computer on the desktop and you should find it listed.
4. Navigate to the image folder and select the photos you want to transfer from Android to iPhone 8/X, and then copy them onto your computer. Advisably, you should create a new folder to save these photos for one-click transfer.

Step 2. Transfer Android Photos to iPhone 8/X

Now that you have copied your Android photos to computer, you can switch to DearMob iPhone Photo Manager to sync images from Android to iPhone 8/X in a flash.

1. Create a new album by clicking the "+" icon at the left bar, name it as you please for easier recognition in the future.
2. Click the "Add Photo" icon on the top bar to transfer pictures from Android to iPhone 8/X. You can choose "Add Photo" to choose one or more photos to transfer from the Android photo folder you created or just click "Add Folder" to move all the photos you selected on your Android phone to iPhone 8/X at a time.
3. When you see all the Android photos appear on the UI of DearMob iPhone Photo Manager, you should click "Sync" icon to complete the photo transfer process from Android to iPhone 8/X.

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager helps transfer photos from Android to iPhone X/8/7/6 etc over a wired USB connection by preventing you from sudden WiFi disconnection, traditional but much safer indeed. Born to be a professional iPhone photo manager, it offers bidirectional transfer between iPhone and computer, allowing you to export iPhone photos to computer for backup safely as well as create album to add pictures to iPhone from PC freely. Whatever photos in your Android phone, Camera Roll photos, Photo Stream, Photo Library photos, newly-created album, etc, this Android to iPhone transfer tool handles them all.

2. Transfer Music from Android to iPhone 8/X

Music transfer from Android to iPhone 8/X is quite similar as Android photo transfer to iPhone 8/X. All you need to do is free download DearMob iPhone Music Manager and then follow the guide just like what mentioned above.

Transfer Android Music to iPhone

Step 1. Backup Your Android Music to Computer

After connecting your Android to computer via USB cable, it is also suggested that you create a new album to store your Android music that you want to transfer.

Step 2. Transfer Android Music to iPhone 8/X

DearMob iPhone Music Manager offers you several ways to add music from Android to iPhone 8/X, you can just:

1. Drag'n drop one or more music songs in Android music folder on computer to the UI of DearMob iPhone Music Manager. It will automatically receive these songs, and then click "Sync" button to sync music from Android to iPhone 8/X.
2. Click "Add Music" to add music. When the music folder on your computer pops up -> click one or two songs -> click Open -> click "Sync" to import to your iPhone 8/X.
3. Click "Add Folder" to add playlist. Click the Android music folder you created -> click "Select Folder" -> tap "Sync" button.

If you do not want to restrict yourself to purchased music in iPhone Music app, this Android to iPhone transfer app will free you from limited and uneconomic Apple Music by helping you transfer ripped CD songs, self-made music or free downloaded online MP3 AAC files from Mac/PC to iPhone X/8/7/6 etc for on-the-go enjoying without a dime. It is such a user-friendly iPhone music manager that will do its best to satisfy your requirements no matter you want to sync music between iPhone and computer, delete unwanted iPhone songs to free up your iPhone handset, manage your iPhone music playlist in order or just correct the music information. Even making iPhone ringtone is feasible with this Android to iPhone transfer software – DearMob iPhone Music Manager.

3. Transfer Contacts, Notes, Videos, etc from Android to iPhone 8/X

DearMob iPhone Manager, besides the iPhone Photo Manager and iPhone Music Manager, now has been under active development to offer more functions including Contact, Notes, Apps, Vides, etc that you can use to transfer everything from Android to iPhone 8/X in a click. But, sorry to tell you that you have to wait a while as we hope to give you a perfect iPhone Manager that do offer help whenever you encounter iPhone problems like iTunes not recognizing iPhone, iCloud not backup photos, Windows 10 not recognizing iPhone, and such.

If you indeed need to transfer contacts, notes, videos, etc from Android to iPhone 8/X now, we serve up Apple Move to iOS tool that can peer-to-peer copy everything from Android to iPhone (8/X). This app consolidates all of your Android data - contacts, text messages, photos and videos, calendar, email accounts, website bookmarks - and then imports them into your new iPhone 8/X over Wi-Fi. It is official and greatest at present for Android to iPhone transfer, but worth mentioning, it doesn't transfer your apps, music or any of your passwords. Besides, you can only transfer data from Android to an iPhone running iOS 9 or higher. Worse still, it will take you about 8 minutes from starting to set up your iPhone when transferring roughly 400MB of files.

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Amanda joined DearMob in 2015 and is always happy to share everything about movie, TV shows, music & new tech trends you are interested in. Especially do well in discovering Apple products flaws and providing remedy. Please feel free to contact her for more tech support.

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