Top 5 iPhone File Manager to Handle iPhone & iPad Content

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You have come to the right place if you are searching for iPhone file manager for PC and Mac that help you to manage iPhone content flexibly like you do on Windows or with Mac Finder, or if you are coming from Android ecosystem, desperately looking for a method to manage iPhone like you used to do with Android device.

What makes a good iPhone file manager?

Drag and drop, copy and paste, browse any content with concise UI.

Beyond these intuitive interactions, ability to convert mainstream format into Apple-compatible files, preserve file metadata, and access file sharing apps matter a lot. There are actually many fake iOS file managers claiming that they support iPhone files, while the files they support are often photos, videos or music but not the documents in Files app.

If you are looking for all around iPhone data manager that supports multimedia content, documents in Files app, PDFs, books and so on, pick your tool here.

2020 Best iPhone File Managers:

  • • DearMob iPhone Manager
  • • iMazing
  • • AnyTrans
  • • TunesGo
  • • Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

1. DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a multi-facet iOS file manager that offers a two-way transfer solution for you to manage and transfer files from iPhone to computer and vice versa. As a file explorer for Mac and Windows, it readily detects and displays media content (photos, videos, audios) and other files (PDF, Pages, Keynotes, Numbers, excel spreedsheets, books, contacts etc.), in a well-organized way for you to export or import, backup and edit. This program also grants you access to the default Files App on iOS. Everything stored locally in the Files app can be extracted out of iPhone for you to manage.

Lightweight yet powerful (1/6 size of iTunes), this iPhone file manager runs without iTunes in a stable and fast way. It transfers 1000 pieces of 4k photos in less than two minutes. This tool loyally preserves metadata of your files, never messing up with the content you have meticulously curated, making iOS file management a worry-free task.

DearMob iPhone Manager Screenshot

Highlighted features:

• Access content in File sharing Apps
• Browse and operate iPhone files from computer
• iPhone-to-Computer and Computer-to-iPhone data transfer
• Convert HEIC to JPG, set custom ringtone, optimize iOS compatible files
• Enctypt sensitive files

2. iMazing

iMazing is one of the best file managers for iphone on the market. Besides its fast iPhone media transfer to new iPhone without iTunes and smart backups, iMazing also does well in managing iPhone files from Files app. Just connect your iPhone to this iPhone file manager, and you will be able to access your iPhone File System. Like DearMob iPhone Manager, it is quite convenient for you to copy files to your computer, transfer videos, music, photos etc. to iPhone, organize iPhone files by modifying the file name or create new folders. Please note, the trail version of iMazing only offers 100 files transfer.

iMazing screenshot

3. AnyTrans

AnyTrans is a fully-fledged file manager for iphone without jailbreak that consolidates iPhone files in one place. Running together with iTunes, it transfers media files, messages, digital books and more data between iPhone, computer and iTunes library. You can also manage iCloud files by signing in via AnyTrans. A video download utility is also baked in this program, enabling users to grab videos from online and push into iPhone, with option to convert media files to iOS-optimized ones when adding data to iPhone and iPad. With bloated functions and a busy UI, it requires some learning curve to navigate through and fully understand each module.
AnyTrans screenshot

4. TunesGo

TunesGo is a must-have for Android & Apple owners with its seamless transfer utility to bridge the gap between Android phone and iPhone for file exchange. You can freely sync photos, videos, songs and more across iPhone, Android phone and computer if you have multiple devices at hand.

It is armed with handy features such as transfer songs and playlist from iPhone to PC without duplicates; backup iPhone contacts without iTunes and view them in excel flexibly; backup iTunes U and Podcasts; browse files and folders on iPhone with the built-in file explorer; device root for advanced users, making it one of the best file managers for iPhone on the market. Since it supports both iOS and Android, with bloated utilities and toolkit, the program could be overkill for users with Apple products only.

TunesGo screenshot

5. Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer comes with multimedia and iOS file synchronization feature as other file transfer tools, and the best thing is its support of several iOS devices at the same time, good news for Apple fans with multiple iDevices if they want to transfer photos, music, videos and more iPhone content simultaneously.

Managing iPhone on various fronts is easy with Xilisoft iphone Transfer with these features: quickly view and search iPhone files as you do on iPhone; modify ID3 tags of multiple files at the same time; synchronize iPhone music with iTunes library; transfer files via Wi-Fi. One thing to note, as this software cannot run completely independent of iTunes, you can use it as a go-between program to make up for some utilities missing from iTunes.

Xilisoft screenshot

Bonus Tips: Managing Content from miscellaneous file sharing Apps

1. Add, Export, Delete Content in Files Apps

Step 1. Install and launch DearMob iPhone Manager. Plug in your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Go the main UI of DearMob iPhone Manager, click on the Files icon to access the documents management window where you can see what are stored in your iOS Files app.

Step 3. Double-click a file app that you want to manage, and feel free to add files/videos/music/books etc to it from computer, create new folders, export certain documents to computer for backup, or bulk delete files you no longer need.

Manage document in default files app

2. Manage Files from File-sharing Apps

Step 1. From main Ui, click on App icon. In this screen, you can install apps downloaded from third-party sites, delete unwanted apps in batch.

Step 2. Apps with a blue folder icon are file-sharing apps, you can manage files from within.

Manage content in File sharing apps

Final Words

Though native Files app is powerful for you to handle office files and cloud content, it won't communicate with your computer to better archive iOS content, nor does it handle videos, songs, contacts and other documents. With desktop iPhone file manager, you can simply plug in your iPhone and manage maximum types of iOS files with your mouse in a more convenient and time-saving way.

Start free trial with full features of DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows and Mac:


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