Top 10 Augmented Reality APPs iPhone 8 with Genius Design

Last Updated : September 26th, 2017

Upon hearing the term augmented reality app iPhone, Pokemon Go might be the first program that you think of – As a matter of fact, AR APPs have populated the App Store for years, and specially this year when Apple made AR part of its iOS 11 release. What are the best AR APPs iPhone 8 so far, what kind of crazy quest can you embark through these APPs, take a look at this review of 2019 top augmented reality APPs iPhone to find out the answer!

Augmented Reality (AR) APPs Roundup
Stack AR-  Augmented Reality APPs iPhone 8
1. Stack AR - Start a Block Stacking AR Game Anywhere You Want!

Start a block stacking game anywhere you want as long as you've got this augmented reality APP for iPhone 8 and iPhone X iOS 11.The more blocks you stack, the higher your score, now start with the beautiful UI & clear stacking motions with Stack AR! Kindly be noted that iOS 8.0 or higher is required and that you'll need to spare at least 93.7 MB of free space on iPhone for Stack AR APP to be successfully installed.

Augmented Reality Translation APP – Google Translate
2. Augmented Reality Translation APP – Google Translate

In juxtaposition to its effort in the VR APP development, Google Translate made possible the interactive experience of translating real-life foreign sentences through this augmented reality APP iPhone 8. Designed typically for tourists, this APP started to sport an AR camera translation feature as early as 2015, able to tell out a vocal broadcast in a train station, for backpackers and anyone who wishes to travel independently overseas, this is an augmented reality APP worth downloading.

Tips and Notes: In order to download more interesting APPs, check out how to change APP store country.

Theodolite – Nifty Little AR APP
3. Theodolite – Nifty Little AR APP for Outdoors

A multi-functional augmented reality APP iPhone that integrates a compass, GPS, a map, photo/movie camera, rangefinder, and two-axis inclinometer into one APP. Though battery-eating when in-use, Theodolite facilitates the quest of any outdoorsman with its superb orientation capability that makes the best of iPhone's capabilities as an ultimate AR APP for navigation. Theodolite has the ability to take geo-stamped and geo-tagged photos with 2X/4X zoom while also enabling users to wirte custom notes on photos.

Star Chart – AR APP
4. Star Chart – AR APP that's Astronomers' Favorite

Unlike the expensive and crispy Star Chart astronomical telescope, Star Chart is a free AR APP iPhone 8 designed for users who wishes to grasp a view of the stars, planets and nebulas for free. A search through the APP store can help you find out that most astronomy augmented reality APPs charge, hence the tried-and-true as well as precise Star Chart is an exciting discovery. If you expect more from this augmented reality APP iPhone 8, a $2.99 purchase will take you to special effects like meteor shows or extended solar system.

SpyGlass - Augmented Reality APPs iPhone 8
5. SpyGlass - Augmented Reality APPs iPhone 8 for Sailor & Hikers

A pretty professional augmented reality APP iPhone 8 that uses almost every sensor of the iPhone, as well as its GPS system, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer. Indeed not a toy-like augmented reality APP, hence it takes some time for you to learn to read the sextant and SpyGlass is indeed taken for military use, such as determining the elevation of an object with inclinometer or overlaying a compass on a local map.

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Ingress – Augmented Reality APP
6. Ingress – Augmented Reality APP iPhone with SF Background

Tips and Notes: If your iPhone is short of space for more AR APPs, learn how to delete APPs from iPhone X.

Also interested in video SNS APPs? Take a look at how to use to perfection!

Another tagline APP of Niantic – A surrealism counterpart of Pokemon Go, Ingress is an augmented reality APP which invites its players to engage in a competition between 2 opposing factions, the Resistance – labelled blue; and the Enlightened – labelled green; and throughout the game players can collect "portals" at places of interests – mapped in the pre-loaded narrative of Ingress.

Home-Decoration AR APP – SnapShop Showroom
7. Home-Decoration AR APP – SnapShop Showroom

An instant tool to visualize your ideal home design concept with the help of augmented reality. It used to be hard to envisage whether your creative organization of furniture will turn out good, and hiring a whole team of decoration company is simply a bravado, that's when you'll need SnapShop Showroom augmented reality APP iPhone 8 to visualize what a sofa would look like when placed in your living room.

GeoTravel - Tour Guide AR APPs iPhone
8. GeoTravel - Tour Guide AR APPs iPhone

GeoTravel APP represents the new trend of independent travel favored by the new generation tourists: Self-help with an augmented reality APP iPhone 8 that easily navigates in a foreign city without detour, GeoTravel enables you to plan trips at home with Wi-Fi and carry out offline navigation without consuming data. Just like an experienced tour guide, GeoTravel knows all the best attractions, places of interests, and local snacks, and it stands all-the-way ready to help throughout your tour.

AR Basketball APP
9. AR Basketball APP iPhone 8

Imagine a mini-sized full basketball court cranked out from a piece of paper and iPhone 8, and that's what AR Basketball APP can do for you: print the marker on a piece of blank paper to visualize the basketball court, with drag and drop of the fingertips, you can play basketball in the office. AR Basketball APP supports multi-player mode in its version 2.0.0, and the background sound in this augmented reality APP is indeed noteworthy.

AR Soccer
10. AR Soccer APP iPhone 8

Imagine it when you can change the view of the field, pass the ball, kick to the goal, and close up to the players with an sports augmented reality APP, wouldn't it be fun when you can practice playing when sitting on the cozy sofa? Developed and released back in 2014, the latest version of AR Soccer is now fully integrated with Apple's Game Center, which allows you to match with up to 16 friends and simply compete in the the field, moreover, you can frankly choose the field to play: grassland, sand, ice and pinball… after printing the logo on a piece of paper to enable AR.

Tips and notes

Here we provide some instructions on how to transfer APPs to new iPhone in case you want to share a paid APP with a friend.

It's plenty of fun taking the AR widgets outdoors for a quest in different envionment, and the same is true for eBook APPs and game APPs iPhone 8. Thinking of collecting the screenshots of Augmented Reality APPs iPhone 8? Now a free and easy-to-use transfer tool can help, use DearMob iPhone Photo Manager to transfer (4K) photos, albums, Augmented Reality APP screenshots, etc at a dearly fast speed, now click download to get it!

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Augmented Reality APPs for iPhone 8

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