What to Do When You Have Not Enough iCloud Storage?

Last Updated : July 31, 2018

Planning to backup iPhone data before you upgrade to new iPhone? What if you see the notice of iCloud backup not enough storage, should you really pay for the iCloud upgrade plan? Don't worry, here below we introduce to you the best way to backup iPhone data when you have not enough iCloud storage, it's time you put iPhone data to a safer place without much cost!

iCloud Backup Not Enough Storage - Use DearMob iPhone Manager

Not Enough iCloud Storage

The best alternative to iCloud for backup is DearMob iPhone Manager, it can:
1- click backup iPhone to computer/Mac;
Support up to 11 types of iPhone data backup;
Encrypt iPhone backup with password;
&restore iPhone data whenever you want.

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Once a year or several years, when your old iPhone is suffering from some battery problems or can’t work properly  to your request, you may well backup iPhone data as soon as possible in case the cellphone somehow go deaf by accident. Although iCloud provides a fool-proof way to backup iPhone data in an yearly schedule, you know for sure that the photos & files can drain the storage. What to do when there’s not enough iCloud storage for backup? How many people choose to get more iCloud storage when their iCloud backup not enough storage for iPhone? Is it a wise option to directly upgrade the iCloud storage plan?

As a matter of fact, the 5GB free iCloud storage associated with every Apple ID proves not enough for the majority of iPhone users, but only some of them choose to scale up the plan.  Instead, an increasing amount of iPhone users choose to backup iPhone data not over the air, despite the conveniences it may bring. They tend to go with such iPhone backup software like DearMob iPhone Manager, mostly thanks to its ability of encrypt iPhone backup.

Here below we first solve common iCloud backup not enough storage problems before detailing on how to backup iPhone without iCloud.

iCloud Says Not Enough Storage But There is?

"I only used 120 MB of iCloud storage space. Now that there is still 4.8 GB free from 5 GB, but I have a notification in iPad's backup window that say I have not enough iCloud storage for backup. Who knows what if bought more space? I'd rather not buy more space to back up today."

--- by bmike

If you're having the same problems as bmike, who only consumed a very small amount of iCloud storage but the iPhone keeps sending the alert that "iCloud backup not enough storage", you need to understand that your spare iCloud storage is not enough for the next expected iPhone backup. Here's how you can check out out the spare iCloud storage.

Tips and Notes:

Switching on/off the toggle-switch next to "Photos" or "Contacts" under the "Settings > iCloud" menu doesn't mean you've turned on/off backing up photos, contacts using the iCloud storage. You need to follow the steps below:

iCloud Backup Not Enough Storage for iOS 11 or Newer Devices:

Step 1: Go to Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups to locate to the device you're using that keeps sending iCloud backup not enough storage alert.

Step 2: Check the figures next to "Backup Size" and "Next Backup Size", and if they add up to more than your current iCloud storage plan, you'll need to uncheck some items to reduce the "Next Backup Size".

Step 3: Re-launch the backup manually, and if the alert continues of pop out, you may turn off and turn on iPhone to figure out.

iCloud backup not enough storage

iCloud Backup Not Enough Storage for iOS 10 or Earlier iOS Devices

On iOS devices with iOS 10 or earlier systems, you can adjust the "Next Backup Size" by visiting "Settings > iCloud > Manage St orage Plan".

Still Not Enough iCloud Storage?

If you still need a place to backup iPhone photos, and would rather not go with the monthly fee. Probably you should choose DearMob iPhone Manager – to backup iPhone to computer or Mac.

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How to Backup iPhone to Computer with DearMob iPhone Manager

Tired of the iCloud backup not enough space alerts that seems to pop out whenever it wants? Feeling the iCloud backup not reliable for your important iPhone data? Perhaps you should go after DearMob iPhone Manager – support general-mode iPhone backup & password-protect iPhone backup, now check out how to get rid of iCloud backup not enough storage when you have DearMob iPhone Manager.

Backup iPhone with DearMob iPhone Manager

Step 1: Download, install and launch the iPhone backup software on your Windows or Mac. USB connect iPhone to computer before you start backing up iPhone data.

Step 2:To get an ordinary backup, click on the "Backup" icon on the main UI, by default the software saves backup data to C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\DearMob\DearMobiPhoneManager. If you need to change the backup location, visit the settings tab on DearMob iPhone Manager to figure out.

Step 3: Click on the "Back Up Now" icon to start backing up iPhone to computer.

encrypt iPhone backup

How to Encrypt iPhone Backup?

Step 1: If you'd rather all iPhone photos not be visible to anyone else except for yourself, the encrypt iPhone backup utility is a must-try. So far DearMob iPhone Manager utility is the only software to apply Military-standard data encryption technologies to iPhone backup utilities.

Step 2: To encrypt iPhone backup, make sure you check the "encrypt backup" blank before clicking on "Back Up Now".

Tips and Notes: Make sure you don't forget the password used for iPhone data encryption, otherwise you won't be able to restore iPhone backup anywhere.


DearMob iPhone Manager is not only the best tool to help you get rid of iCloud backup not enough storage problems, it is the most easy-to-use iOS manager that also helps you create iPhone ringtone, download movies to iPhone, etc. Now click to download it below:

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Not Enough iCloud Storage

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