SMS Backup and Restore on iPhone Quickest Guide

Last Updated : September 8, 2017

Say no to all the troublesome and slow SMS backup & restore apps/software, when your precious yet swelling text messages, iMessages can be simply exported from iPhone to computer database and from storage-straped old iPhone to new iPhone 8 within a few clicks. Follow this guide, iPhone SMS backup and restore can be ten times easier and faster than ever before.

Fastest Tool for iPhone SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup iPhone

One-click SMS export from iPhone to PC;
One-click iPhone data/SMS restore;
No jailbreak, without iTunes, 100% safe and clean;

Now click to download DearMob iPhone Manager below!

SMS Backup iPhone Guide: How to Backup Text Messages from iPhone to Computer?

-- DearMob iPhone Manager is the tool you need. Download and launch it first.
-- Connect your iPhone to your computer, and this SMS backup tool will auto-detect it.

Step 1: Click on the "SMS" button to activate iPhone SMS export utility.

Step 2: Click "Export" button to export all SMS messages to computer.

Important Tips and Notes:
1. "Export" button will conduct entire SMS export to computer in PDF format only, including pictures and videos.
2. To selectively export certain SMS messages, iMessages, MMS messages to certain file formats, you can copy and paste the text, like to excel, txt, csv, word or html.
3. SMS videos can be exported and saved to computer by clicking save button on the video. You can also click to play the SMS vid directly for preview.

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iPhone SMS Backup Restore Guide: How to Backup Text Messages & Restore on New iPhone

-- DearMob iPhone Manager is the tool you need. Download and launch it first.
-- Connect your iPhone to your computer, and this SMS backup tool will auto-detect it.

Step 1: Click on backup button when your iPhone is recoganized.

Step 2: Click on "backup now" and the software will start backing up all the iPhone data including SMS messages.

Step 3: Disconnect this iPhone after backup and connect the computer with another iPhone on which you desire to restore SMS messages.

Step 4: Click Backup again and then hit "restore backup".

Step 5: Select the target version of backup files and click "OK" to restore SMS and other data from the old iPhonw to new iPhone.

Tips and Notes:
1. You can set password for the data backed up on the computer, which can then allow you to back up ID password, Homekit data and health data.
2. To stop backup or restore, pluging out the cable won't ruin your iPhone/computer.


The best part about using DearMob iPhone Manager to backup text messages and restore SMS iPhone is that you have a lot of choices and customizations to make, and most of all, this iPhone SMS backup restore tool has its free trial version so that you can enjoy some of its features for free.

No jailbreak, without iTunes, this message backup and restore guide offers you the best and quickest way to export SMS, backup text messages and restore SMS to new iPhone X/8. Download it now!

5KPlayer iPhone Manager SMS Backup & Restore iPhone

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