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How to Selectively Backup iPhone Music without iTunes

The 18 year-old iTunes could be an Apple revolutionary tool back then to integrate a media player "Tuner" with iOS file management and purchase utilities as a whole. But for the year 2019, testified emblematic of a bloated junk - slow, bug-loaded with abrupt syncing logic to deliver the pipe dream of best one-stop media service, iTunes is deeply burried in univeral hatred. And this is especially true for iPhone music backup and export.

iTunes only offers two exact iPhone music file transfer utilities - iTunes library to iPhone one-way syncing and iPhone to iTunes full backup. Your wish for a selective iPhone music backup/export to computer for the purpose of local music collection is made unreachable by iTunes, as you know you will end up compromised to a full iPhone backup with everything related and unrelated packed up in an unreadable file folder in a mixture. And there's no way to track down a specific music file storing location in the full iPhone backup folder.

Selectively Export iPhone Music to Windows/Mac without iTunes
put music on iPhone without iTunes

DearMob iPhone Manager

NO. 1 Solution to Move Music from iPhone to PC without iTunes!
DearMob iPhone Manager can selectively back up songs from iPhone to Windows/Mac, even songs with DRM protection! You can create ringtone, text tone, alarm sound for iPhone & archive playlist for iOS 12. Click to get it below free now!

1. Selectively Back up Music to Computer without iTunes

Obviously, we use the ambiguous iPhone music not Apple Music to emphasize all the audio video songs on iPhone. No matter in built-in Music app, third-party music apps like Spotify and Pandora, or in your customized ringtones settings, voice memo, audiobooks, podcasts, DearMob iPhone Manager sets out to help you back up them all.

put iPhone music to PC
iPhone Manager iPhone Manager


Part 1: Export Purchased Apple Music on iPhone to Windows 10


Step 2: Connect iPhone with your computer via lightning cable.

Step 3: Download songs from Apple Music to your iPhone and enable iCloud to sync songs to your iTunes.

Step 4: Click to download songs from iCloud to iTunes Library so that DearMob iPhone Manager can access to the songs and remove DRM protection

Step 5: Visit the "Music" tab on DearMob iPhone Manager. There you shall see purchased songs shown in a list tagged with "DRM".

Step 6: Choose songs you want to remove DRM from and click on "Export" which will take you to a dialogue box saying "This song is protected by iTunes DRM", click on "Remove" and "Sync" to apply all the changes.

Export Purchased Apple Music

Part 2: Export Voice Memo, Ringtones on iPhone to Windows 10


Voice memo and ringtones, alarm sounds are all categorized under "Voice" of DearMob iPhone Manager

Step 1: Click on "Voice" button on DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 2: Click to select several items that you want to export for backup.

Step 3: Click "Export" to save them locally on your PC/Mac.

Note: On ringtone panel, you can add ringtone and custom your own ringtone as your favorite

Export iPhone Voice Memo, Ringtones

Part 3: Export Audiobook, Podcast on iPhone to Windows 10


Podcast and Audiobooks are accessable from seperated paths in DearMob - Podcast and Book.

Step 1: Click on those buttons to get to the contents.

Step 2: Select and click several items or select them all and click on "Export" for backup.

Note that audiobooks with DRM protection will shown in the panel, and you can confidently click on it to remove the lock.

Export iPhone Audiobook Podcast

2. Selecively Backup iPhone Music to External Hard Drive/iCloud/DAS/NAS

To selectively back up iPhone music to external Hard Drive/iCloud/DAS/NAS using DearMob iPhone Manager, all you need to do is change the default backup location before you select iPhone songs for export and backup.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone X/8/7 to computer via lightning cable;

This iPhone backup software will auto-detect your iPhone iOS device and build connection. The available storage, iOS version and battery status will also be presented for your consideration.

Step 3: Click gear wheel icon on the top right side;

A dialog window will pop up providing settings on Path and Options

Step 4: Click the "Pen" icon to edit default path for each items.

You can set the default export path of iPhone photo, music, video, and other data to target external hard drives respectively.

Step 5: Click "OK" to apply changes.

YouTube Music APP

2. Fully Backup iPhone Music

Since third party music apps refuse to share music files which are locked in a different way other than Apple, only a full iPhone backup can gather them all. Since DearMob iPhone Manager share the same backup location with iTunes, ditching iTunes for this new iPhone management tool won't harm your previous backed up contents.

Step 1: Click on to "Backup" entry on DearMob iPhone Manager
Step 2: Click "Back UP Now", and you will be all set.

 Check the "Encrypt Your Backup" box to set password if you want to protect it from breaching.
 You can also find your previous backup files in "Restore Backup Files" tab

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