How to Restore HEIC Photos on iPhone Quickest Guide

Last Updated : Jan 23, 2018

How can i retrieve HEIC pictures deleted from iPhone/Windows PC/Mac? At first, some of us just want to remove all the unreadable files like HEIC after saving the readable version - JPG/PNG, yet only to find that those converted JPG images are twice bigger than the original HEIC photos. With increasingly more photo viewers supporting HEIC emerging on the market, and you can now turn those space-saving HEIC photos into viewable ones, there are no sound reasons to delete HEIC images anymore. Choosing to save and restore HEIC photos for more storage space can be a wiser move than saving JPG files only.

Fastest Tool for iPhone HEIC Photo Backup & Restore

Restore HEIC Photos iPhone

One-click export HEIC photo from iPhone to PC/Mac;
One-click export HEIC photos to JPG from iPhone to PC/Mac;
One-click iPhone HEIC photo restoration;
No jailbreak, without iTunes, 100% safe and clean;

Now click to download DearMob iPhone Manager below!

Deleted HEIC Photo Restore Guide: How to Restore HEIC Photos on iPhone/Computer?

a. Check if the deleted HEIC photos are in trash folder:
-- If you purposely delete HEIC photos on iPhone, the pictures will remain in your "Recently Deleted" trash folder, and you can recover them all or selectively.
-- If you purposely delete HEIC photos on computer/mac, those pictures will be kept in Trash folder and you can right click and restore them all or selectively.

b. Use HEIC photo recovery software:
In this case, your photos are deleted permanantly and there is no way to found them on your devices. Many software vendors on the market offer HEIC Photo Recovery tools with free trials. You will have to use a Photo Recovery tool on your own to decide which one to choose. Just download those trial versions for free evaluation. and here i recommend you several brand choices:
Undelete 360: point it at a drive, it'll scan for deleted files, then you can view particular file types (JPGs, PDFs, videos and more).
Recuva: totally free program, preview found photos before recovering

Backup HEIC Photo Guide

Instead of regreting from those miss deletings, we'd better always stay ready to make backups for rainy days. Backup your iPhone HEIC photo on computer can not go wrong. How to Backup iPhone HEIC Photos without iTunes >>

iPhone Manager Backup iPhone
Main UI
iPhone Manager Backup iPhone
Click to Backup
iPhone Manager Backup iPhone
Backup in process
iPhone Manager Backup iPhone
Backup Success

To restore HEIC from those backups, DearMob iPhone Manager can efficiently help.

Restore HEIC Photo from Backup: How to Restore HEIC Photo Backups to iPhone?

DearMob iPhone Manage allows you to export HEIC photos to JPG directly from iPhone end to USB-connected computer/mac in the first place. You can preview those HEIC photo on PC/MAC end before export to JPG without creating double files on one device and getting annoyed about deleting one version.

 DearMob iPhone Manager - HEIC to JPG Export

For iOS 11 HEIC photo backup restore, this software can also help a lot! This iPhone Manager lets you restore the whole iPhone data including HEIC pictures through one click.

-- DearMob iPhone Manager is the tool you need. Download and launch it first.
-- Connect your iPhone to your computer, and this HEIC restore tool will auto-detect it.

Step 1: Connect the computer with iPhone on which you desire to restore HEIC photos.

Step 2: Click "BackUp" button and then hit "restore backup files ".

Step 3: Select the target version of backup files and click "OK" to restore HEIC photos and all the other data to current iPhone.

Tips and Notes:
1. You can set password for the data backed up on the computer, which can then allow you to back up ID password, Homekit data and health data.
2. To stop backup or restore, pluging out the cable won't ruin your iPhone/computer.
3. This tool can also help you open HEIC photos, pictures on Windows.


The best part about DearMob iPhone Manager is that it can export HEIC photos to JPG directly with preview and restore HEIC images for iPhone as a whole. It is a great tool to rescue you in advance to miss deleting HEIC images problems.

No jailbreak, without iTunes, this HEIC backup restore tool offers you the best and quickest way to export HEIC to JPG, backup HEIC photos and restore HEIC pictures to new iPhone X/8. Download it now!

5KPlayer iPhone Manager HEIC Photo Restoration iPhone

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