8 Common Problems of iPhone X Not Working and How to Solve

Last Updated : September 15, 2017

If you're like me, amused by iPhone X Face ID problem during the Steve Jobs Theatre Event, chances are that you could be living without doubts whether the revolutionary iPhone model could work without flaw. Will you still buy iPhone X iPhone 10 with all these iPhone X not working problems? The answer is probably positive.

This page collects the most common 8 problems of iPhone X iPhone 10 not working for both those who already have it and who's got plans for a $999 model, check out the guide and fix any possible iPhone X problems.

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1.iPhone X Face ID not Working

Still remember the scene when at Apple's September 12 Event in Steve Jobs Theater Apple executive Craig Federighi attempted to unlock iPhone using its latest face-scanning feature but iPhone 10 iPhone X Face ID not working almost embarrassed the whole theater – If you also meet this sort of issue, first unlock the cellphone with passcode – unlock the phone, visit Settings > Face ID > adjust your facial pose & make sure you look right into the front camera – doing this solves 90% of iPhone X Face ID not working problems.

2. iPhone X Short Battery Life

Introduced along with iPhone X is its fast charging dock, which claims to full-charge iPhone X battery to 100% within only 30 minutes – but is it true that Apple's own fast charging does no harm to iPhone X battery life? I'm afraid not, in that a few users like Annie posted on forums that

"With fast charging deployed to charge my new cell phone, iPhone X battery life gets shorter week after week, should I stop using the fast charging dock?"

Such problem is not alone from Annie. However, previous models like iPhone 6s (Plus) have also gone through iPhone X not charging or short battery life problems, and things just turned out to be the manufacturer's side error. That been said, if you're also one of the sufferers of iPhone X battery not working problems, make a phone call to Apple aftersales support to see if they provide any forms of battery-renewal plans.

3. iPhone X Unable to be Activated

If you're the first few iPhone X users on November 3rd, chances are that you could run into iPhone X unable to be activated when first trying to activate iPhone X due to temporarily high traffic. That been said, you may either think of using iTunes to activate iPhone X, or pick a time when not many people are online, say late into the night.

Activate iPhone X using iTunes:

Step 1: Upgrade iTunes to the latest version, and USB-connect iPhone X to your computer (or Mac).

Step 2: Launch iTunes, and by the time you see "welcome to your new iPhone", and then "set up as new iPhone", click on Continue. This prompts the iPhone to be synced with iTunes. If you'd like music, videos and APPs to be sent to your new iPhone X from iTunes, click on "Get Started"

4.iPhone X not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Either when you're at home or in a public network, iPhone X not connecting to Wi-Fi could happen due to the router's settings. That been said, how to fix iPhone X not connecting to Wi-Fi? Here we introduce 3 workarounds to it:

Forget the current Wi-Fi on iPhone X:

First visit Settings > Wi-Fi > choose the current network you attempt to connect to but failed, tap "Forget this Network".

Hold on to the iPhone X for a few minutes before you can re-connect to iPhone X.

Restart iPhone X

Hold to the Sleep/Wake button the the right-side of your iPhone X until the power off option is there on the screen, turn off & turn on the iPhone X usually solve 90% of iPhone X not connecting to Wi-Fi problems.

Turn Airplane Mode off on iPhone X:

This could sound stupid! But it's indeed one the reasons that most people have their iPhone X not connecting to WiFi. All you need to do is visit Settings > Toggle-switch the AirPlane mode off.

5. iPhone X 3D Games not Working
6. iPhone X AR not working
7. iPhone X Wireless Charging not Working

The so-called "Black Technology" of iPhone X wireless charging pad - AirPower is in fact not a new arrival as we've seen through quite a number of Android phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 * Samsung Galaxy S8 supportive of Qi wireless charging protocol. However, when Apple decided that it will share wireless charging Qi with Android phone, a few iPhone X wireless charging not working errors began, driving users to either purchase a tried-and true AirPower alternatives or try to fix this problem on your own. Follow the steps below to that end:
Step 1: If this is your first time using Apple AirPower, chances are that you see a message saying "Wireless Charging Paused" and begin to think of this doesn't work at all. To fix this, just use another power supply and re-charge your iPhone X again.
Step 2: iPhone X wireless charging isn't going to work if the cellphone is switched to the Airplane mode. In order to fix that, you'll still need to exit the Airplane mode.

8. iPhone X Force Restart not Working

By the time you upgrade to iOS 11, Apple set it by default that Notifications and Badge App icon are allowed for incoming messages. To make things worse, even previous messages come out all again, accumulating to roughly 100 messages altogether which may well freeze your iPhone X. For most people the traditional way to force restart iPhone X is not going to work. Fortunately, Apple provides a workaround on iOS 11 to force restart the device by visiting "Assistive Touch > Device > More > Restart", iPhone X force restart not working could easily drive you nuts.


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5KPlayer iPhone Manager iPhone X Not Working [Solved]

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