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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Samsung/Huawei etc?

Last Updated : March 1, 2019 | Written by Amanda

With the release of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, Android phones are getting more attentions than iPhone indeed. If you intend to switch from iPhone to Android phone now, you may need an iPhone data to Android transfer method. Thus, this guide, focusing on how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android, will also show you how to copy other data from iOS device to Android phone or tablet.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android

4 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Phone

Method 1. Drag and Drop through USB and Computer

In a traditional way, making the two different platforms - iOS and Android communicate is to use the USB cable and Windows computer. After connecting them to computer via USB, you can simply drag and drop the iPhone photos to Android phone. Before transferring, you need to connect both your iPhone and Android phone to computer with USB cable.

Step 1. After connecting the two handsets to computer, open My Computer on your PC.
Step 2. Find your devices in the Portable Devices part. If you don't see anyone of them there, it must not be recognized by your computer. Try to reconnect it to your computer or find other ways to solve Android or iPhone not recognized by Windows.
Step 2. Open your iPhone Internal Storage in a new window, and open your Android storage in another new window.
Step 3. Choose photos you want to transfer from iPhone to Android in the iPhone DCIM folder, and then simply drag and drop them from iPhone image folder to Android image folder.

However, this method shows problems often, though it is really easy and quick to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android. The process may stall or hang for some unknown reason or when transferring a very large number of images. To solve that, you can first create a new folder and transfer photos from iPhone to computer, and then copy the photos in this folder to Android to make the process much easier.

Another annoying point of this method is that iPhone DCIM folder not showing on computer problem will prevent you from accessing iPhone photos. By installing iTunes, this issue may be resolved. But from my experience, this error still occurs unexpectedly. So, maybe you can try method 2 under such circumstance.

Method 2. Drag and Drop through USB and Third-party Software

In reality, Android system gets more and more closed that recognizing it and its files on computer is not as easy as before. Besides, Android phones are diverse and have different designs. So, transferring photos from iPhone to Android is hard to realize now by just using a USB cable. That's why more and more third-party tools appear out the market. Here, we would like to introduce two methods to send photos from iPhone to Android phone with third-party software.

1. DearMob iPhone Manager
DearMob iPhone Manager is a delicate and dedicated iOS data backup and transfer tool that is designed to simplify the way you manage your iPhone data. Without the need of iTunes, you are allowed to transfer pictures, music, video, contacts, and more from iPhone to computer or vice versa. Here, you can use this tool to transfer iPhone photos to computer first without problems, and then drag'n drop the photos to Android phone easily.

2. Wondershare dr.fone Switch
Wondershare dr.fone Switch is an iPhone to Android data transfer tool that you can batch transfer photos from iPhone to Android on one interface. It only requires you to connect the two devices to this software and choose your iPhone photos to transfer. Since it is a bulk transfer method, you can't selectively transfer photos as you wish of course.

Method 3. Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Android with Android Switch

Like Apple who has Move to iOS tool to help people transfer data from Android to iPhone, Google also recommends Android Switch for you to transfer stuffs from iOS to Android devices. This way asks you to get Google Drive on your iPhone first, and then sign in with your Google account. After that, you can back up the iPhone photos and other data to Google Drive. Then, install this app on your Android phone like Samsung S10, Huawei Pro 20, Xiaomi, etc, and sign in with the same Google account. Now, you can see your iPhone photos on your Android device.

This way is actually a cloud-based way, and you have a lot of choices to choose from. Dropbox and Google Photos are the top ones that many people choose to send photos from iPhone to Android and sync other data as well. So, pick the one you prefer most.

Method 3. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android via Manufacturer's Tool

To help you move data from iPhone to Android as soon as possible when you swicthing to an Android devices, each manufaturer of Android phone provides an official tool to help you sync data from iPhone to their brands. For example, Samsung has Samsung Smart Switch, Huawei has Phone Clone and Google has Pixel Switch. These tools are trustworthy and also easy to use. Commonly, they will help transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more to the Android phones from the same brands.

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