iPhone 8/X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Is iPhone 8/X the Real Anwser?

Last Updated : June 15th, 2017

If Samsung wounded you from outside, then Apple this year might hurt you from inside.
Comparing to Samsung Note 7 promptly exploding itself threatening your safety, Apple iPhone 8/X this time dishes out a long-going inner torture by raising the old-schooled price tier above the record – the OLED iPhone 8/X is estimated to surge beyond $1000. To buy or not to buy, it is a torment at heart.

Apple has accumulated a lot power for the big shining new iOS 11 and iPhone 8/X. But as to be the real deal and speaking of reasonable money spent on a single handhold device, is Apple iPhone 8/X the right one for your or the one should be left alone? Impressive bezel-less glass panel with Touch ID underneath, enriched Control Panel with more features revealed, no matter how the publicity goes crazy for this new born, face the specs and compare until you get a clue of how to make your money well spent.

iPhone 8/X vs Samsung Galaxy S8, which one should you buy? Dig the hidden information you need before making impulse shopping.

iPhone 8/X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Basic Specs

It is not hard to gather all the details we need in iPhone 8/X vs S8 specifications comparison. By listing the major specs of the two models that we spend most our money on, it is very clear to understand what we are about to invest in. 

iPhone 8/X Specifications:

Display: 4.7, 5.5 and 5.8in 1920 x 1310 OLED
Storage: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB
CPU and RAM: A11 processor, 3-4GB RAM
Front Camera: 8MP 3D facial-recognizing
Rear Camera: 12MP dual-lens, dual-OIS, 4K video recording
Extras: Iris scanner, wireless charging or not
AI: Improved Siri pay and translation
Price: the OLED iPhone model will be about $1000.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications:

Display: 5.8 and 6.2in 2960x1440 Super AMOLED Display
Storage: 64GB internal, 256GB expandable
CPU and RAM: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895 Processor, 4GB RAM
Front Camera: 8MP with autofocus
Rear Camera: 12MP, 4K video recording, optical image stabilization.
Extras: Iris scanner
AI: Bixby, developed by the same developer of Siri
Price: Around $750

iPhone 8/X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Verdict

As a tech buyer, we pursue cutting-edge tech embedment and big changes in iPhone 8/X, but in the mean time, being a budget minded, we would prefer ones with better price performance ratio. Unless you are a diehard Apple iOS lover who prefer jailed systems or a stubborn Android lover who cling to open systems, switching between the two brands for better is not hard.

iPhone 8/X is definitely a buzz word 2017 and if you have a device in hand, the focus might well be it at first glance. Whereas for Galaxy S8 which has been out for a while, might not be as dazzling and eye-catching as iPhone 8. And according to Gordon Moore's law, iPhone 8/X should be better than S8 by theory and by fact, but the question is whether the extra price revenue is as satisfying.

With all these factors considered, the extra $250 that you are shelling for iPhone 8/X OLED is mainly in exchange for an first-sight difference, more attraction, iPhone's AR ambition, wireless charging, a more mature Siri, a bit faster speed, yet less storage space and smaller battery. Then it is your side to determine if the additional $250 is well worthy for those utilities. But remember, those extra features are not all Apple exclusive since Samsung is following up the track too.

Do not forget that Samsung still has the Galaxy Note 8 up its sleeve for 4th quarter in the year 2017 and if it's in your budget and not in a hurry, we suggest you wait a bit longer for that model. Anyways, how can you afford a S8, an iPhone 8/X, and a Note 8 in a same year? It seems that Apple will have a hard time competing with these two potentially massive-selling Android phones. If you are lingering between iPhone 8/X and Galaxy S8 with budget limitation, my assumption and recommendation would be: you are not ready to embrace OLED iPhone 8/X wave, and a cost-effective S8 at moderate price might be a better chice for you. You can have an iPhone when mobile AR is at a more mature stage.

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