How to View & Transfer HEIC Photos to Windows 10?

Last Updated: Jan 9, 2017

How to transfer HEIC to Windows 10 and view those HEIC photos on Windows 10? No matter you wish to selectively/batch transfer HEIC to JPG on Windows 10 from iPhone for desktop view or transfer HEIC original image to Windows 10 for backup/editing, DearMob iPhone Manager can easily realize that at an alarming speed without quality loss or data loss!

How to View & Transfer HEIC to Windows 10 from iPhone/iPad?

DearMob iPhone Manager can quickly transfer HEIC photos in batch or selectively at an alarming speed of about 60M/s!
How to Send a Large Video from iPhone

Pre-view and transfer HEIC to Windows 10 original files;

Pre-view and export HEIC to JPG on Windows 10 with EXIF info ;

Powered by Dynamic-load tech for fast HEIC photo loading;

Support one-click sharing HEIC photos to family network;

iPhone Manager
DearMob iPhone Manager is an exellent HEIC to Windows 10 transfer tool and HEIC to JPG export tool to help you either export HEIC original files to Windows 10, view HEIC photos on Windows 10, and convert HEIC to JPG on Windows 10, 3-in-1 without quality loss. Below are the most important features of this HEIC viewer & converter & transferrer:
view HEIC on Windows 10
Pre-view HEIC photos on Windows 10

This HEIC to Windows 10 transfer tool can let you view HEIC photos directly on Windows 10 system before choosing which HEIC photos for transfer.

export HEIC on Windows 10
Export HEIC original files to Windows 10

If you intend to keep the original HEIC photos for backup with minimalist storage occupation, you can export HEIC to Windows 10 without conversion.

export HEIC to JPG on Windows 10
Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows 10

This HEIC convter completes HEIC to JPG conversion during HEIC export process! Choose to export HEIC to JPG with EXIF for the purpose of HEIC conversion.

HEIC to Windows 10
Add HEIC from Windows 10 to iPhone

To add HEIC original file back to iPhone is at present not supported by this HEIC transfer software. But you can add HEIC converted JPG file to old iPhone.

How to Transfer HEIC Photos to Windows 10 from iPhone/iPad?

Transfer HEIC to Windows 10

Step 1: Open DearMob iPhone Manager for Windows 10

Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad with DearMob iPhone Manager mounted computer till it reads your iOS device.

You can find all the detailed info about your iPhone on the main UI, including your iPhone battery cycles , iPhone number, iOS version, firmware version, activation state.

Step 3: Click "Photo Transfer" button to go to the Photo managment UI;

Export HEIC JPG to Windows 10

Here, you will see serveral buttons for different operation purposes:
Export - for exporting HEIC photos from iPhone to Windows 10;
Add Photos - for putting photos from Windows 10 to iPhone/iPad;
Delete Photos - for removing selected photos;

The smart part of this HEIC to Windows 10 transfer software is that it sets HEIC to JPG export as default state, so that the output image format will always be viewable as JPG.

Click on "Export" button to export HEIC original files to Windows 10.

You may also want to find out HEIC vs JPG comparison and why it matters.

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5KPlayer iPhone Manager How to Transfer HEIC to Windows 10 from iPhone/iPad

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