How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer Without iTunes Free?

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Although the latest version of iTunes 12 has made it available for you to transfer music from iPhone to up to 5 authorized computer, the part of DVD-ripped, 3-rd party software downloaded ones are not going to make it due. How to transfer music from iPhone to computer free without iTunes no matter where you got them from? This page introduces a free & easy-to-use method to help, now check to find out!

DearMob iPhone Music Manager

Free Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

If you've ever tried iTunes for music transfer from iPhone to computer, chances are that you'll find it both lengthy and confusing for every "Sync" you click on – The majority of use only want to transfer music from iPhone to computer, with the music copied to computer and nothing gone, however, sometimes you just can't smoothly transfer the music as expected – By the time you click on Device > Music > Sync Music > Entire Music Library > Choose to include videos, voice memos or not, an alert pops out asking, "This computer is no longer authorized for apps that are installed on the iPhone. Would you like to authorize this computer for items purchased from the iTunes Store?" Why does iTunes send device authorization alarms when all you need is to transfer music from iPhone to computer? What would happen if I click on "Authorize" or "Don't Authorize"? What are the buttons I shouldn't click on so that music won't be wiped out on my computer's iTunes Music Library? Check through the guide to find out:

How to Tranfer Music from iPhone to PC Free without iTunes?

DearMob iPhone Manager is a free music management tool for Windows 10 (or earlier) PC. For as long as you USB-connect iPhone to computer, you can easily transfer songs/music/playlists both from iPhone to computer and vice versa. If you're looking for a faster way than iTunes to copy music to computer, give it a spin right away.

First off, click to download DearMob iPhone Manager for free to your Windows 10/8/7 computer, install and launch it.

Step 1: USB-connect iPhone to computer, and by then you'll see this tool displaying in list all the music on your iPhone, select all/manually select what you'd like to transfer.

Step 2: Click on Export > OK, which will be followed by a popping-out window showing where your music has been saved on computer.

Tips and notes:Not only can you use this tool to transfer music from iPhone to computer, but also will you be able to download music from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

Transfer Music with DearMob iPhone Music Manager
Pic: Transfer Music with DearMob iPhone Manager
How to Create A Playlist with free DearMob iPhone Manager

For different genres of music on your iPhone, especially the DVD-ripped ones, they may not often come in the form of playlists. If you'd like to put songs into different playlists according to genres, this tool stands ready to do so, now take a look at how:

Step 1: Launch free DearMob iPhone Manager, at the end of the left-hand menu bar you'll see a "+" icon, click on the icon to create a new playlist before you transfer music from iPhone to computer.

Step 2: Name the play list as you like: My GoodNight Music, My Workout Music >> check out best workout music top 100 2019 list, etc.

Step 3: Drag-n-drop the music you want to transfer from iPhone to computer to the playlist.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

By claiming it as the "easiest tool ever" to transfer music from iPhone to PC, DearMob iPhone Manager guarantees 3* faster transfer speed when compared to the rest products out there in the market, however, if you simply want to learn to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, here's how you can do that:

According to iTunes settings, you can't directly transfer music from iPhone to iTunes: By the time you launch iTunes on computer you'll find 2 types of iTunes syncing options: One for to sync the whole iTunes Music Library to iPhone, and the other to - neither offer the directly way to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes – however, now that DearMob iPhone Manager has managed to help you transfer music from iPhone to computer free, you can directly add local songs to iTunes Music Library with the steps below:

transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2: Click on "File > Add Files to Library > Choose the music files you want to add to iTunes.

Step 3: Once the above are done, you can transfer music from iPhone to iTunes.

You don't have to worry about music purchased on iTunes Store as it's easy as ABC to redownload them to computer. However, for the part of the music ripped from DVD or downloaded elsewhere, use the free DearMob iPhone manager to transfer music from iPhone to computer free without iTunes in the easiest manner.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer Free

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