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4 Ways to Backup iPhone Photos for Good 2019

Last Updated : Sept 20, 2018 | Written by Jason

It's always a good habit to get iPhone photos in HEIC HEIF JPG backed up elsewhere over the air, or in a physical device in order not to run out of iPhone memory. Although Apple's iCloud service naturally helps you to it, with its limit not exceeding 5GB free storage. Are there other ways to help you expand the private slice of space to backup iPhone photos? Check below to find out!

Backup iPhone Photos with DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager

Photos with razor-sharp images almost crammed up your iPhone 8, and that's when you'll need DearMob iPhone Manager – to not only backup iPhone photos (HEIC HEIF JPG) on Windows PC or Mac, but also transfer photos, pictures & wallpapers to a brand-new iPhone 8/X without erasing its own photo library. Consider iPhone photos backup? DearMob is indeed a must-have!

We Choose
DearMob's iPhone Manager employs your computer/Mac as the backup carrier to backup iPhone to computer – unlike the idea to upload it to the cloud, all your photos, pics, and albums are safe and secure through the cable backup.
Alongside its high-level security, this iPhone manager sports an intuitive UI, sorting photos from your album in a manner that's better able to help you archive the whole photo library – sequence by date/week/month/year so you can easily navigate to the specific date, eliminate unwanted photos, and proceed to backup iPhone photos. If this is the iPhone backup solution you're looking for, take a look at how to make a backup of iPhone 8 photos (specific time span) with this iPhone Photo Manager ->
DearMob iPhone Photo Manager
Step 1: Download, install iPhone Manager for Windows/Mac
DearMob iPhone Photo Manager
Step 2: Launch the software before you USB connect 2 devices.
choose photos to backup
Step 3: Select all/by date/manually select photos you want to backup.
export selected photos
Step 4: Click on Export to finish iPhone photo backup, this goes up to 100 pics in 8 seconds.
Tips and Notes

By default this free iPhone manager exports photos to the folder: C:/Users:/Pictures/iphonephotomanager, yet you may click on the pencil icon to change the target folder, be it a USB disk or so. If you're also having problems with Apple's latest format such as HEIC won't open on Windows, you may view this guide and learn to convert HEIC to JPG on computer.

DearMob iPhone Manager recognizes all iPhone albums including selfies, panoramas, screenshots, bursts, as well as other 3rd-party photo APPs, sporting a much wider range than the computer's built-in photo exporting program.

With this tool you can also restore iPhone without iTunes or encrypt iPhone backup.

If you have such problems as Windows photo viewer not recognizing iPhone photos and that you're going with an iPhone X, which adopted Apple's latest HEIC image compressing standard, chances are that you'll need one of the best HEIC converters.

Out there in the market, some big name cloud storage service providers are touting out their products to more customers with a freemium storage to backup iPhone 8 photos, ranging from 5GB to 15GB. Which is the best cloud service provider to choose, anyway? Let's take a look at the review below:

Backup iPhone 8 Photos with Microsoft OneDrive - ideal for Windows 10

For most Windows phone users, Microsoft OneDrive has become a man Friday to work cooperatively with a Windows desktop computer or tablet. With the provider's generous 15GB of cloud storage at hand for iPhone 8 photos backup, how do iPhone 8/7 users backup iPhone photos with Microsoft OneDrive, though?

Step 1: Download OneDrive APP for iPhone 8, sign in with your personal account/business account username and code.

Tips and Notes: Only personal OneDrive account can backup iPhone photos automatically over the air.

Step 2: When you have signed-in into the OneDrive APP, tap the person icon at the bottom of the screen > Settings.

Step 3: Now that you're under "Settings", tap Camera Upload, then toggle-switch to turn on Camera Upload to automatically backup iPhone photos to OneDrive.

Tips and Notes: You need to manually turn on "Include Videos" to enable iPhone backup photos and videos.

OneDrive is also the only cloud service that allows you to upload HEIC photos from iPhone and download then into JPG.

Use Google Drive for iPhone 8 Backup Photos

Offering a bountiful 15 GB of free storage for iPhone 8 to backup all its photos, pictures and albums, using Google Drive to free archive iPhone photos is another nice option to resort to, as is with Microsoft OneDrive, you'll need to download a Google Drive APP & register for a Google account in order to start iPhone 8 photos backup. After that, follow the steps below to start:

Step 1: Open the Google Drive APP, on iPhone 8, sign in with your account & code.

Step 2: Tap on "Menu" > "Settings" > "Photos", where you need to check Auto Backup, either for on or for off, by doing so you can backup iPhone photos using the Google Drive APP.

Tips and Notes: Once your iPhone photos backup goes beyond the 15GB storage quota, consider the pricing list below to upgrade your backup quota: Google offers a monthly cloud storage plan at $1.99 for 100GB, $9.99 for 1TB, and $99.99 for 10TB+.

Tips and notes

Another Google's product to backup iPhone photos is Google Photos, which features even more advanced iPhone photos backup service: Under the Google Photos APP, proceed to Settings > Back up & sync, switch it on, and all photos on iPhone will get their backup on Google Photos Library.

If you're going with iPhone X/8/7 Plus/7 powered with iOS 11, and would like to with anything other than OneDrive as your cloud service provider to backup iPhone photos, you'll need one of the top 3 HEIC converters 2019.

iCloud Photo Library Backing Up iPhone Photos

Compared to the abovementioned 2 cloud service providers, iCloud Photo Library seems the most straight-forward way to backup iPhone photos, yet its freemium 5GB free storage for iPhone photo backup seems a little less inviting. How to use iCloud Photo Library to backup iPhone photos, though? Things are the easiest with your private iCloud.

Step 1: On your iPhone 8, visit Settings > then iCloud, find the "Photos" icon and click in.

Step 2: If you wish to backup iPhone photos to iCloud only when Wi-Fi is turned on, click "My Photo Stream"; however, clicking on iCloud Photo Library helps you store your entire library in iCloud, which means on any of your iDevices with the same iCloud account logged-in, you can view what you've uploaded nothing left.

Tips and Notes: To upgrade for more space in iCloud Photo Library, this pricing list is for your reference: 5GB free, 20GB $0.99, 200GB $3.99, 500GB $9.99, 1TB $19.99. You may also click to check out iCloud Photo Library not uploading problems.


Backing up iPhone photos to cloud services is a good option you can make use of, but the free DearMob iPhone Manager for fast photos backup guarantees you 100% security of all data, if this is the method you're thinking of, free download the best iPhone backup software below!

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