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Top 6 Music Streaming Services Review

Written by Amanda

Music streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music offer monthly/yearly streaming plan based on subscriptions. Which has the best music library and easy functions? Here's the sorted-out top 6 music streaming services review [on-demand streaming mode and free streaming mode included] worth reading before paying real bucks!

Why Buy Music if You Can Get it from Music Streaming Services?

5KPlayer saves you money when you use top 6 music streaming services, even cheaper than the family plan! By connecting every device you have, it streams online music without quality loss. Read on for more tricks!

Top 6 Music Streaming Services Review

You don't have to shell out the money! Want to free download the hot Adele 25 songs? Here's what you should do! Besides the music streaming services you are subscribing to, 5KPlayer can download music songs for free from 300+ music sites, which surely hold something to expect for.

music streaming services like Beats Music

Apple Music

* Windows/Mac/Android/iOS integrated and most compatible with Apple device. Apple music streaming service features 7/24 Beats 1 Radio where you can explore new thangs.

* Artist exclusive including Taylor Swift, Drake, Pharrel Williams.

- $9.99/m $14.99/mo. for family plan. You can get 3-month Apple Music free trial.

music streaming services like Pandora


* Robust music recommend according to listening habits, Pandora music streaming services gives advice for you to accept or reject, then it provides subsequent online music streaming based on your feedback.

* Shuffle play service only for free music streaming.

- US district only.

music streaming services like Spotify

* Music streaming service giant, largest media library among all, you can enjoy online music in this music streaming service or stream Spotify music to Mac/PC with 5KPlayer.
* Integration with SNS like Facebook, Twitter, swiftly share your music with friends and see what they're listening via this music streaming service.
* Online/Offline mode supported.
- $9.99/mo.

music streaming services like Songza


* Online music streaming or music play lists streaming based on expert curatorship to give you the right music at the right time, like free stream music for work, cooking, or even for getting married.

* Free with ads/$.99/week ads-free

music streaming services like Google Play

Google Play Music
* Wide online music streaming platform availability, this music streaming service is most pleasant with its unlimited hour of streaming!
- $9.99/mo.

music streaming services like Soundcloud

* Supply SoundCloud music download for free.
* Upload your own music to Soundcloud music streaming services, specially suitable for online music streaming fans with DIY demands.
* From free to $9.99/mo. or $99/yr.

So Which is the Best Music Streaming Service for Online Music Streaming?

Spotify is the absolute winner in on-demand music streaming services, its abounding media library is king to anyone who wants to discover something new. Pandora indeed is a free candy with pure music, totally ads-free, you can easily AirPlay Pandora to Mac/PC with the help of 5KPlayer, only note that US and a few other regions are available to its music streaming service.
5KPlayer is the easiest way to bypass the device license. You are not tethered to 1-account-3-device limit, and no need to pay for the monthly subscription for each music streaming service, simply download the recent played history to your Mac/PC with 5KPlayer.
On the other hand, it supports not only the above-mentioned music streaming services, another top 6 HD video streaming websites are at service for your subscription.

Problem List of Music Streaming Websites — Solved

2 points really bothering before you pay for a music streaming service subscription:
1. Most streaming services account can be on 3 devices at most.
2. Music no longer available once you cancel the streaming subscription from website.

But 5KPlayer makes the trouble no longer troublesome:
1. It can stream the music you play on one device to another seamlessly, including streaming music from PC to Apple TV, from Mac to Apple TV, or AirPlay audio to PC from iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch with exactly the quality when you stream the music online.
2. Offline music streaming is only a breeze to this music streaming helper because it can download every single song you are listening to, you can still keep the copies for personal entertainment even if the subscription is canceled. Hence please refer to the following music streaming services comparison to see which suits your needs most.

How to Stream Music From Music Streaming Services?

Download 5KPlayer, first launch it on your Mac/PC. Instruction on how to stream music to more devices from music streaming service is specified below and please refer to how to download music from websites for reference.

Step 1: Please check to confirm that your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch and Mac/PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet before start streaming music online.

Step 2: Get the music music clip playing in music streaming service App like Spotify on iPhone/iPad.

* Get the music streaming service running on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, and you'll find the AirPlay icon on the bottom right (sometimes the bottom left).

Check Wi-Fi before online music streaming

Step 3: Tap the AirPlay icon to start music online streaming

* Tap the AirPlay icon and the online music streaming will start immediately.
* In the process of streaming, your iPhone is a flexible controller to manage the Mac/PC remotely, and you can start another piece of music streaming at any time.

Step 4: Tap the radio button on the main interface of 5KPlayer, online radio streaming is a suitable feature if you are fond of exploring something new on Mac/PC.

Note: Get the Internet radio streaming services url like BBC, click paste and analyze button above the url box, the Internet radio streaming will start immediately.

Music Streaming Services Service like Spotify

Tips: To find the most suitable music streaming services for you, check the following 3 points

1. Do you want a Internet radio streaming services experience or do you decide exactly which song or album you to listen to? i.e., on-demand music streaming services. Turn back to the review section because the music streaming services are sorted to free sites and music on-demand sites.
2. Check out because some artists are exclusive to one music streaming service only.
3. Region limitation, since some music streaming websites like Beats Music only accept U.S. registration and online music streaming.

This best free music streaming server and downloader can stream anything you are listening to to other devices without quality loss. You can free download a new music pieces from streaming services free fast and as well as stream Internet radio sites with this best free software for music streaming services and Internet radio streaming services.

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