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Spotify vs Apple Music 2017|Which Music Streaming Service to Choose?

Spotify Vs Apple Music is a combat that every music listener will be concerned with. In the wake of blooming music streaming services, Spotify & Apple Music are two juggernauts that share a lot in common despite some minor differences. However, it is exactly those nitpicks that might influence your choice of the most suitable one. Here, let's give them a close and clear comparison to make things easier for you to choose.

Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Free Music Streaming Service

While lingering between Spotify & Apple Music, have you ever considered about a free music streaming service - 5KPlayer that offers free music stream from 300+ music sites including Spotify/SoundCloud/Songza/Beats Music/VEVO etc with 5.1/7.1 surround sound support .

Spotify VS Apple Music 2016 Review
Spotify vs Apple Music Pricing 2016

Spotify vs Apple Music 2017: Pricing/Subscription Fee

*Free, ad-based free price tier is only offered by Spotify!
*Cost-effective Student Plan[New] arrived at Apple Music!
*Better Value Fammily Plan[New] arrived at Spotify!

Though Apple Music grants users a 3-month free enjoyment, Spotify joins the fray and corrals more users by offering two distinctive price tiers for music streaming: the totally free music streaming tier based on ads and the $10 per month subscription which is almost the same as Apple Music ($9.99).
In the past, Apple Music's family option surpasses Spotify by charging only $14.99/month for up to 6 users, while Spotify's family plan asks for $29.99 per month for up to 5 users. But now, Spotify realised the price problem and adressed it by allowing up to 6 members in the plan to get the Premium subscription for &15/€15/£15 - lowered its price at the same level of its rival Apple music.
Yet for Apple Music, in order to lure more listeners and target at young consumers, Apple, emulating Spotify, launched a student membership in USA($4.99), Australia(A$5.99), New Zealand(NZD$6.49), UK(£4.99), Denmark(KR49), Germany(€4.99), and Ireland(€4.99) with at least 50% price off, lasting at a minimum of 4 yrs and can be paused during school break.

Spotify vs Apple Music Taylor

Spotify vs Apple Music 2017: Catalog

*Apple Music Might Have More Artists to Offer

Though both Spotify and Apple Music acclaims to tout about/more than 30 million songs in their catalog, if you are fans of the Beatles, Radiohead, Garth Brooks, Tool, Bob Seger, Spotify & Apple Music won't get you anywhere near their voices or rhythm. However, AC/DC songs, Taylor Swift's oeuvre alongside Dr. Dre's debut album The Chronic are available on Apple Music, yet absent from Spotify. Users can buy artists' singles/albums in Apple app store or rip a purchased CD for listening and broad searches in Apple Music library while Spotify may lag a bit behind, providing Adele, Coldplay, Radiohead and some Black Keys's albums.

Spotify vs Apple Music Beats 1

Spotify vs Apple Music 2017: Music Discovery and Curation

*Apple Music Upper-hand on Spotify

Apparently, Apple Music excels Spotify in terms of music discovery by providing radio streaming with its Bests 1radio station curate by notable DJ's like Zane Lowe, a very human and creative move that Spotify cannot replicate. Spotify also lets you discover music based on its weekly Discovery playlists of 30 random songs, claiming to be created according to your taste; but do I even know what my own taste is? Will the ice-cold machine-determined taste limit my music discovery? Obviously on this matter, Apple music excels Spotify a great deal.

Spotify vs Apple Music 2017: UI Design & Attached Features

*Spotify Comes A Bit Better

As a piece of software, we also want it to be easy-to-use and sleek as hell. Spotify score a big coup in this UI competition by striking a perfect balance between simple and garish. See their interfaces below: Spotify also supports Chromecast and Facebook, whereas apple music fails to achieve at present.
As for attached features, Apple Music coordinates with iOS very well as it contains many tricks and tips. It can mate with Siri, stream songs to alarm clock etc, however, you'll need third-party software/app or jailbreak you iPhone to enable Apple Music to display song lyrics while listening. Spotify, on the other hand, updates recent music tours, allows you to host a listening party online, combines with Firfox for music searching etc. However, It is reported that Spotify's Karaoke-style music lyrics are gone at end of May 2016, since its partnership with Musixmatch was due. Will they go on with a future collaboration? It is yet to be known. For more tricks of Spotify, refer to useful tips about Spotify.

2016 Spotify Vs Apple Music UI

Spotify Vs Apple Music 2017 Verdict Updated:

2016 Spotify Vs Apple Music Streaming Service Verdict

Since the pricing of both music streaming services is very close and similar, it is their minor differences that will result in your choice.
Choice 1: If you are more concerned with music discovery and songs of certain artists like Taylor, AC/DC, Dr. Dre, we recommend you Apple Music over Spotify;
Choice 2: If you want to get free music streaming enjoyment (ads-bearable), better design and more advanced features, choose Spotify over Apple Music.
Choice 3: If you desire both Spotify & Apple Music features and do not give a shit about subscription fee, you can subsribe to them both at the same time!
Choice 4: If you are still hesitating to make further desicions regarding Apple Music vs Spotify respective merits and vices, or want to get a supplement to the one you've choosed without paying extra, you can resort to add-free 5KPlayer freeware - one of the best music streaming apps to get lifelong entirely free music streaming services from Top 6 Free Streaming Sites and more with 100% fidelity reserved. You can have those songs saved in your local storage as your own private treasures. Why not give 5KPlayer a try now?

Spotify Or Apple Music? Best Free Music Streaming Player Alternative

Instead of getting perplexed between Spotify & Apple Music, you can free download 5KPlayer on your Windows PC or Mac to use 5KPlayer alone or pair it with Spotify or Apple Music to unleash more utilities. This best free music streaming server can beam your music from PC/Mac to Apple TV and AirPlay compatible speakers with precise fidelity and enables your computer to receive music from iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch.

Step 1: Click the AirPlay button on the top right corner of this free music streamer.

Step 2: Click the video or music button on the main UI of 5KPlayer to start free streaming music.

Step 3:Now you can remote control the Apple TV from PC and playback music streams directly from PC to Apple TV connected speakers.

Note: Comparing with Spotify and Apple Music, 5KPlayer offers more customized functions such as A/V sync and soundtrack/subtitle insertion. Refer to more remote control options from the guide on how to edit videos.

Spotify VS Apple Music 2016 Winner

Spotify vs Apple third option - 5KPlayer will let you get lifelong free music streaming service with best audio quality. You can AirPlay 5.1 surround sound, free play and download YouTube music, SoundCloud music, Pandora songs and listen to Apple Music free. Since this music streaming player is totally free, there is not reason not to give it a try! Download 5KPlayer now for Windows Mac via the secured downloads below.

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