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iPhone 7 (Plus) Wireless Music Streaming Ultimate Guide

Written by Amanda

iPhone 7 (Plus) wireless music streaming can be extremely helpful if you want to listen to iPhone music on computer/Mac while keeping the iPhone 7 (Plus) USB-charging. Now that the headphone jack is eliminated from iPhone 7 (Plus), succeeded by earphones with a lightning port just the same as the charging core, you may either resort to the $159 Airpods or some equivalents, or garner a new software to help enable iPhone 7 (Plus) wireless music streaming, now check out!

Lossless Charter iPhone 7 (Plus) Wireless Music Streaming

You need 5KPlayer, the wireless music streaming receiver for iPhone 7 (Plus). As long as you install the free gadget, all you need to activate iPhone 7 wireless music streaming is a small tap on the AirPlay button. Thinking of turning on wireless audio streaming from iPhone 7 immediately? You should download 5KPlayer and give it a go!

iPhone 7 wireless music streaming

Features & Tips of Wireless Music Streaming from iPhone 7 (Plus) with 5KPlayer

In terms of system compatibility, iOS 10 AirPlay is already listed in 5KPlayer's wireless music streaming supporting list, let alone it's earlier models iPhone 6s/6 (Plus).

To outperform, unlike the rest of the AirPlay receivers, 5KPlayer is capble of AirPlay 5.1 surround sound, outpacing the majority in terms of audio quality capability.

What Else 5KPlayer Can Do - Except for Wireless Music Streaming?

5KPlayer configures Apple's native protocol called AirPlay to side its wireless music streaming function. Now that it already has the eligible channel, some other nuts and bolts like video streaming and AirPlay mirroing aren't really difficult.

If you are a frequent iPhone video viewer, you may employ 5KPlayer as an AirPlay video receiver - which replicates iPhone videos in MP4, MOV, M4V to a bigger screen - which you can realize by doing the same as iPhone 7 (Plus) music streaming.

How to Enable iPhone 7 (Plus) Wireless Music Streaming to Computer?

Download 5KPlayer, install and launch it on your Mac/PC. Instruction on enable iPhone 7 (Plus) wireless music streaming to computer below will sits you through the pairing and streaming process.

Step 1: To start with, check & confirm that your iPhone 7 (Plus) and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi for wireless music streaming.

Step 2: Visit "My Music" or iTunes on your iPhone 7, which are AirPlay-enabled APPs that cope with wireless music streaming.

* Get the music playing on your iPhone 7 (Plus), and you'll find the AirPlay icon on the bottom right

iPhone 7 (Plus) Wireless Music Streaming

Step 3: Tap the AirPlay icon to start wireless audio streaming from iPhone 7 iOS 10

* Tap the AirPlay icon and the wireless music streaming will start immediately.
* In the process of streaming, your iPhone 7 (plus) is a flexible controller to manage the computer: Next/Last/Repeat/Volumn Up/Volumn Down.

Note: Just like Wireless music streaming from iPhone 7 (Plus), you can set likewise to achieve video streaming.

iPhone 7 (Plus) Wireless Music Streaming

This wireless music streaming server is both quality-loss-guaranteed and no-lag-guaranteed. You can enable wireless music streaming in MP3 AAC format from iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 computer, MacOS Sierra or earlier and play the music from anywhere in the living room.

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