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iOS 9 vs iOS 10: New Features, Advantages & Disadvantages

Written by Amanda

With iOS 10 beta released in WWDC 2016, the new features of this big bold beautiful OS are unveilded. And we thought it would be a good way to help you learn about the latest iOS 10 operating system by comparing it to its predecessor iOS 9. Here's the review on iOS 9 vs iOS 10 in which we round up the new features, advantages and disadvantages of iOS 10 and compare it to iOS 9, providing you useful information in case you are caught in a double bind: to update iOS 10 or not.

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iOS 9 vs iOS 10
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iOS 9 vs iOS 10: New Apps and Improvements

Speaking of apps, ios 9 was born with improvements such as the homegrown transportation maps - Apple Maps, a News app and a brand new Proactive assistant which will suggest app shortcuts based on your habits. Comparing with iOS 9, iOS 10, set to be the biggest released of Apple, comes with New apps and great improvements including Home, Photos app, iMessage apps, Apple Maps, smarter Siri, and cool new 3D Touch.

1. Home Smart Home
From iOS 9 to iOS 10, Apple's HomeKit is still in its fancy. As HomeKit enabled smart devices continue to be rolled out on the market since the release of iOS 9, an accompanying iOS app is desperately needed. Thus, to jump on the bandwagon, Apple releases the new "Home" app in iOS 10. With iOS 10 "Home", you can easily control any HomeKit compatible smart devices via your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. For example, the new Home app lets you turn on lights, unlock doors, and even raise your windows shades. Can't resist the temptation of the fascinating change from iOS 9 to iOS 10, hah?

iOS 10 iMessage

2. Revaped Photos App
Apple is completely improving the Photos app with support for deep-learning, facial recognition in iOS 10. Photos now coming on Maps, but face recognition will be the big thing. You will see photos of people with privacy protected. And the Photos app can help you rediscover cherished memories like birthday, wedding, honeymoon travel, etc. Apple talking a lot about their deep-learning systems, and how they plan to use it to improve the Photos app. People and places will be natively added as layers in Memories.

3. iMessage Apps
From ios 9 to iOS 10, Apple strengthened the iMessage apps. Emojis are getting bigger and there is emoji prediction which allows you to replace words with emoji. Bubble effects make text loud or gentle with more stickers for your choice. Moreover, handwritten message, full screen fireworks, "invisible ink", Youtube video and Aplle Music links sharing all feature iMessage a crazy app.

4. Redesigned Apple Maps
Apple Maps is getting redesigned in iOS 10. Apple fixed one of the biggest complaints about map - its inability to scroll ahead on a route. Now, Maps is being more proactive, like if it knows you go to work at a certain time, it'll make a suggestion for the fastest route. Better still, Apple is also opening up Maps to third-party developers, so reservations taking like table booking, uber ride reservating within Maps is never a dream.

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iOS 9 vs iOS 10 Comparison: Smarter Siri

As iOS 10 update, Siri has been getting more useful in every new version with better app integration, improved voice recognition and new search abilities. Last year, Siri in iOS 9 started to work with photos, videos and Maps for the first time and became proactive. This year, iOS 10's Siri is growing far smarter for being a real assistant. Siri for iOS 10 now opens to apps with support for messaging on WeChat, WhatsApp and Slack, ride booking on Uber, and money paying. Hopefully, a smarter Siri is no doubt among the advantages or superiorities of iOS 10 to iOS 9, as it helps iOS users to keep the hectic life under control and make faster respond.

iOS 10 vs iOS 9 Review: Your Info. Safer and Safer

"Your privacy always comes first!". That's why Apple adds the great new feature: spam calls alert into iOS 10. This time, Apple is partnering with Tencent in China to alert iPhone owners that an incoming call might be SPAM. Besides, VoIP gets caller ID and Apple Pay on web will work linked to the iOS TouchID. In a word, by upgrading to iOS 10, your personal information in iPhone/iPad will be safe and secure.

iOS 10 3D Touch

iOS 9 vs iOS 10 Comparison: Cool New 3D Touch

3D Touch made its debut with the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus based on iOS 9, and at first it was a little underwhelming, but it could still stand to have a better reason to exist. In iOS 10, 3D Touch will work on new lock screen, and you can also use 3D Touch in apps like Calendar, Weather, and Stocks for a quick glance at the information you need.There are also rumors that Apple may get rid of the home button with an on-screen button that uses 3D Touch in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It's not a popular theory among all, but it may happen one day.

iOS 9 vs iOS 10 Review: Jailbreak

iOS 10 is much more difficult to jailbreak than iOS 9 thanks to the new security system called "Rootless". Aimed at preventing users from having access to some file systems on an iPhone and iPad, it is said that this brand new security app cannot be disabled unless using the company's desktop OS. With this difference between iOS 10 and iOS 9, your iOS 10-based iPhone or iPad will be hardly able to jailbroken, while in other words the iOS 10 devices will be much safer.

iOS 9 vs iOS 10 Difference: Battery Life

Fast battery consumption is always a bugbear for many iOS 8,7,6 users. With iOS 9, the situation has been greatly improved due to the Lower Power Mode for iPhone only. In iOS 10 update, Apple also adds this feature to iPad (Air 3), which allows users benefit from both the low-power mode and the increasing efficiency that comes with iOS 10 and iOS 9. It is estimated that users will see about an hour extra of battery life, meaning you can watch Disney movies ,listen to Spotify music, streaming Netflix movies and TV shows, etc. on ios 10-based iPhone 7/7 Plus or  iPad Air 3 without draining off much power.

iOS 9 vs iOS 10: iOS 10 Advantages and Disadvantages Comparing with iOS 9

When you get your iOS 9 updated to iOS 10, you will be able to enjoy a much smarter Siri, a far more customizable Control Center, and many new cool apps under a more secure, efficient and energy-saving operating system. While at the same time you should know the more iOS is updated to accommodate new devices, the more troublesome it is on older gadgets. Thus we sincerely suggest iPhone 5/5s and iPad Mini users to stick to iOS 9 or even iOS 8 and avoid iOS10 update.


  • You may encounter iOS 10 update errors, for example iOS 9 frozen during update on iPad, iOS 10 won't finish updating, etc. If so, just check to see how to update to iOS 10 and fix iOS 10 update problems.
  • The iOS 10 update won't be for everyone because some old devices may not support the new OS, for example iPad 2, iPhone 4s, etc.
  • On top of iOS 9 vs iOS 10 comparison review, see also how to jailbreak iOS 9 for iPhone/iPad.
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