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How to Use Apple TV AirPlay & AirPlay Mirroring to the Most

From the day that the price of Apple TV decreased to $69, almost all families can afford a set of relatively inexpensive Apple TV. And with the upcoming of Apple TV 4th generation, the trend of owing an Apple TV is more clearly formed where tons of TV shows and new features are meant to dazzle your eyes. But, how to use Apple TV AirPlay? How to make the most out of this little black cube to fully achieve your dream of seeing on a big screen, a world of past/future, a world of magic, and a world of reality? We provide the ultimate Apple TV AirPlay guide.

AirPlay to Apple TV from Android/iPhone/Apple Watch/Mac/Windows

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How to Use Apple TV Airplay

Since there are limitations of Apple AirPlay in supported devices (iPad/iPhone/Mac to Apple TV) and streaming contents/formats, how to fully utilize Apple-TV to fulfill multi-platform AirPlay and mirroring without content restrictions? Here, we'll sort them out in detail:

1. Android to Apple TV AirPlay

More often than not, you own Android devices instead of an iPhone/iPad, which always tickles you with this haze –can Android folks be able to connect with Apple TV via AirPlay? AirPlay wireless streaming system never only sticks with Apple gadgets. For bigger screen enjoyment, even if you do not have an iPhone/iPad, you can still AirPlay to Apple TV from your Android phone/tablets like Samsung galaxy s6 edge, Nexus 7, ASUS Transformer pad etc. with the help of best media player for Apple TV5KPlayer, DoubleTwist…

How to Use Apple TV Airplay

2. Windows to Apple TV Airplay

Purchased an Apple TV yet feeling at sea finding the best free way to beam content from Windows PC (8/10) to Apple TV? Do drive out any thought of expending another amount on a Mac! That's totally ridiculous! Even if you may have tried downloading AirPlay server, apps and other dumb software claiming to have built-in AirPlay on your Windows PC, and resulting in vain or endless troubles, we still believe that you just might have missed the easiest, most direct and safest way.

How to Use Apple TV Airplay

3. Windows to Apple TV AirPlay Mirroring

Another merit about Apple TV would be AirPlay mirroring. Mirroring your whole computer screen to Apple TV would be very convenient in the course of doing presentations, sharing movies and holiday photos/slideshows. But what if you only have a ThinkPad or Sony VAIO running Windows 7/8/10 rather than a Mac? Here will show you how to use Apple TV to mirror your PC screen.

How to Use Apple TV Airplay

4. iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch to Apple TV AirPlay Mirroring

AirPlay allows you to wirelessly stream whatever you're playing on your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch to your Apple TV, self-directed videos, real-time recordings, games, presentations etc. You can mirror the whole screen on Apple TV without the need for file conversion to realize big screen sharing.

How to Use Apple TV Airplay

5. DVD to Apple TV AirPlay

Happy with your Apple TV and use it often, yet do not know how to simply AirPlay to Apple TV a DVD from Mac/Windows? This is not queer since AirPlay has special requirements for its streaming content format: MP4, M4V, MOV for videos and MP3, M4A and AAC for music. But we can always find the countermeasures to a certain restriction.

6. AirPlay to Apple TV AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, DivX and Many More

You may wonder how can you AirPlay videos in any format like AVI DIVX, FLV… this is not a mission impossible and Ethan Hunt's luck has nothing to do with this whole thing since every step of the way is already well arranged for your conveniences of fulfilling the task.

7. Airplay to Apple TV 4 Ultra-HD Videos

Apart from a slew of upgrades, it is reported that the forthcoming Apple TV 4 lacks support for 4K streaming at launch, indicating that 4K videos, as a niche product, is not included in Apple's Apple TV selling points and thus cannot be streamed from those fledgling online 4K video providers like Netflix and Amazon. But we are not writing this to give you a negative answer to Apple TV 4 4K streaming. There are ways that you can enjoy both 4K streaming and even 8K streaming with Apple TV 4.

Other AirPlay Tips:

Besides using Apple TV, you can go ahead to find out more about how to AirPlay between other platforms, like streaming from Apple Watch to Mac/Windows, and AirPlay Windows/Mac to Windows, etc. We will try our best to cater for all your streaming needs.

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