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Free Music Streaming: Time to Move On from Paid Music

Written by Amanda

Free music streaming created by dedicated music lovers, supplies euqally good music like subscription service like Apple Music, Spotify and more. If you are trying to find this kind of free music streaming sites, learn from this page for: safety issues regarding some free music streaming choices; you can also refer to the top 6 music streaming services review for detailed information.

How to Get More Free Streaming Music?

Free music streaming is the perfect minority. Not willing to pay for a music streaming subscription? You need a free streaming music player which not only entails safe free music streaming websites but also streams all of them free fast. Which one to choose? You need 5KPlayer.

Free Music Streaming

Why Should I Move from Paid Music to Free Music Streaming?

Free music streaming is so much cheaper! Look at the $0.99 per song on old iTunes, now you can get a whole monthly subscription of unlimited music free streaming with only the price of 10 songs! To stream all the free streaming music that you tagged Favorite, 5KPlayer dashes the unlimited free music streaming to your bigger screen HDTV or powerful speakers at one heat. Unlike most streaming music downloaders that renders lossy compression in streaming, this robust freeware entails free music stream at 1:1 quality. Figure it out that really how much you can save with 5KPlayer to assist free music streaming. If there're 3 albums you want to listen to, it's around a $20 discount this month with this robust freeware to stream music. With regard to support the whole play list, this free music streaming player has intsegrated the practical function to download the whole play list.

More Benefits You Can Get from Free Music Streaming that You Haven't Discovered

Free Music Streaming

Free Music Streaming Services: Free of Charge and Hassle-Free Usage
Indeed most paid music streaming Apps and services offer a trial use period or a restricted free version, but compared to a straightforward free music streaming, which enables unlimited streaming of all artists and play list available there, the former embarrasses users a lot of the time: You can only click a limited number of "skip" on the new Apple Music for one more song, or the free streaming version only provides inferior music quality. But that's just how things are, because charged music streaming services is not meant to give everything to public for free.

Free Music Streaming Sites have the Music Unavailable on Spotify/iTunes
Since network quality, computer condition and phone performance may cause the delay of sound and image as well as the delay of subtitle and image, 5KPlayer deals easily with this problem by using "synchronization".

Where Else to Get More Music Besides Free Music Streaming?

Besides the above-suggested music streaming services to get free music permanently with 5KPlayer, you can also use its online radio function for another style of free music radio streaming: Internet radio stations like Capital, the UK's No.1 hit music station, or Heart, the interesting music radio streaming station well curated, and there's really so many Internet radio stations where you can stream free music.
Sure enough, we also have mentioned free legal music download sites where you can get free music streaming really new and special.

Have Fun in Free Music Streaming from Mac/PC to Apple TV!

Step 1:Download 5KPlayer and launch thisĀ free streaming music player. Connect your Mac/PC and Apple TV/wireless speakers to the same Wi-Fi before you start.

Step 2: Click AirPlay button on the top right corner on the interface and you will see a popup menu of streaming music receivers. Select your device name there.
Note : The AirPlay button will go red if it is enabled.

Step 3: Download and prepare the MP3 AAC FLAC music in original quality with 5KPlayer. Please also refer to how to download music from YouTube detailed guide.

Step 4: Play the MP3, AAC music you want to free stream from Mac/PC to speakers to start free music streaming.

Free Music Streaming PC/Mac to Speaker

Still You Can Free Stream Music from iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC!

Step 1: Download and launch this free music streaming player. Note to connect your iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC to the same Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Swipe out the control center of your iPhone/iPad, find "AirPlay", and then tap the "AirPlay" icon to connect iPhone and Mac/PC.

Step 3: Choose the local music you want to stream, then the free music streaming from iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC will start automatically.

Step 4: If you would like to stream free music directly online, like streaming YouTube music in web browsers, just play the media in full screen, tap the AirPlay icon, and the music streaming will start automatically.

Free Music Streaming iPhone to PC/Mac

Music quality and artist numbers are the main difference between monthly subscriptions and free music streaming, while 5KPlayer recommended today is a must in uplifting the playback effect and audio experience of streaming free music. Altering between paid music subscriptions and free music, you need to help yourself with this robust streaming music player which not only handles free music streaming across iPhone/iPad, Mac/PC and Apple TV/speakers, but also downloads music play list you are into streaming.

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