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Airplay Speakers Review: Choose Best Airplay Speakers for Apple TV

Written by Amanda

Finding the right set of Airplay speakers has never been such difficult in a time of shops bursting with various goods. Here we compiled the top 3 best Airplay speakers that offer unmatchable sound quality with stylish designs, and teach you how to choose best Airplay speakers for Apple TV and other Airplay devices.

How to Choose Best Airplay Speakers for Apple TV & Airplay Devices

There are so many different types and styles of Airplay speakers. By and large, to find the best Airplay speakers to stream audio and music, you should consider a few key indicators, including sound quality, design, connectivity, etc.

Sound Quality
Sound quality is the most important element to make the best Airplay speakers for Apple TV and other Airplay devices. In short, great sound performance depends on a large range of frequencies and high signal-to-noise ratio. The low-frequency response produce a heavy bass notes, while the higher frequencies will keep sounds crystal clear. If you want to maintain a balanced, undistorted sound, look for the Airplay speakers that have low, medium and high frequency drivers. Besides, it's to be noted that the higher signal-to-noise ratio the Airplay speaker has, the clearer sound it produces.

Style and Design
Things with good looking are always more attractive. Thus, finding the right look for your Airplay speakers can be just as important as the way they sound. So far, best Airplay speakers for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad mainly feature streamline or ring shape. You can decide the most stylish Airplay speakers according to personal preference, but remember: never sacrifice style for performance.

Generally, Airplay speakers works only if there is Wi-Fi connection. However, best Airplay speakers for Apple TV and Airplay-enable devices can do more. They often offer an auxiliary output. For example, you are allowed to buy a simple cord for about $10, use a USB cable, or switch to Bluetooth if your Wi-Fi is on the fritz.

Best Free Airplay Speaker for Apple TV/iPhone/iPad/iPod

Best AirPlay Speakers for Apple TV

Never think of there's a free Airplay speaker for Apple TV? All you need is 5KPlayer - the best Airplay speaker software to Airplay audio music to Apple TV without costing a dime! Or you can also use it to directly stream audio music to physical Airplay-enabled speakers you bought as well.

3 ->> Polk Audio AM6119-A Wireless Woodbourne Speaker

Amazon marketplace: $299 | 5-year Warranty

With stylish retro-looking design, this best Airplay speaker for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. is given a furniture-like feel. It is designed for offering easy integration into a decor while delivering extraordinary room filling performance. Meanwhile, the Woodbourne is more than a wireless loudspeaker adopting both Airplay and Bluetooth technology. It can, in fact, do the heavy lifting of a primary speaker system, not only for your music but also for your TV viewing pleasure. FYI, product specifications are listed below:

Polk Airplay speaker

* Support streaming audio music via both Airplay and Bluetooth with apt-X
* USB A-port for any iPhone, iPad, and iPod with charging capability
* Optical input with Dolby Digital decoding for TV, DVD, or CD sound
* Two 5.25-inch drivers, two 1-inch tweeters, powered by a 180-watt amplifier
* Compatible with Apple tvOS, iOS, Mac OS, Android, and Windows OS

Final Verdict

5KPlayer deserves the winner of best Airplay speakers for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and PC for its profession, versatility and cost performance. On top of a wireless speaker, 5KPlayer is also a HD video player which supports playing 1080p, 4k and 8k videos in MKV, AVI, MP4, etc. Moreover, it excels at video music download from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and 300+online sites, which will never let you down.

DearMob iPhone Manager

  • Directly send iPhone movies to Mac/PC no quality loss;
  • Easily transfer HEIC to JPG & export to computer/Mac;
  • Lossless transfer, migrate from small screen to bigger.

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