Top 5 Benificial iOS 10 New Features You Might Haved Omited

Since we are unable to test iOS 10 public version until autumn, here we update iOS 10 Beta 5/4 latest system to give you a clue of great useful iOS 10 new features that are most likely to be infused in the final iOS 10 update.

Beta 5/4 iOS 10 new features #1: Longer Battery Life

First thing first, as usual, we are all concerned with iOS 10 battery consumption. Then this time, you will get what you want!

According to our test, iOS 10 beta 4 battery life is beyond your imagination. After a continuous video playback of over 7hrs under wi-fi connection, our iOS 10 beta 4 build iPhone 6s still remains 43% battery! The iOS 10 beta 5 inherits this new feature as expected.

iOS 10 New Features Battery Life

Beta 5/4 iOS 10 new features #2: Super Fast Response

No matter for full-screen reply or animations, iOS 10 will surprise you with double fast response speed. Quicker, slighter, stronger, these are the first impressions you will surely be glad to see right after entering iOS 10 beta 4 interface.

DearMob iPhone Manager – Back Up iPhone before iOS 12 Update

iPhone Back up for Beta iOS 10 New Features
  • Backup photos/music/video from iPad/iPhone to computer
  • Back up media from iOS 10/9/8/7 to Win 10/Mac Sierra.
  • Compatible with iPhone 7/6S/6/5S/5, iPad Pro/Air 2/Mini 4.
  • Transfer data from computer to iOS 10.

Step 8: After iOS device reboot, you can now go to the Settings > General > Software Update to check for the latest iOS 10 public Beta 5/4 update.

Upate iOS 10 Beta 5 for iOS 10 New Feature

Now, you can enjoy the latest version of iOS 10 new features as you like and discover more blistering functions you desire and feed them back to the Apple officials via the Feedback App. Also, if you are interested in Beta 5/4 iOS 10 AirPlay to computer Windows 10/Mac, you can refer to the iOS 10 AirPlay Ultimate Guide here or make use of the below recommended iOS 10 AirPlay Mirroring freeware.

5KPlayer – AirPlay Mirroring iOS 10/9 to Computers

Airplay on iOS 10

Extracted Apple's AirPlay streaming technology, 5KPlayer performs remarkably well as an iOS 10 AirPlay Sender and AirPlay Receiver, showcasing the easiest way to:
● Stream films, videos and music from iOS 10 to Mac/PC, Mac/PC to Apple TV and AirPlay speaker.
● Mirror iPad/iPod/iPhone full screen (YouTube, Netfllix, Pandora and Game Apps) to Mac/PC.
● iOS 10 screen record from Mac and PC to extend visual enjoyment.

DearMob iPhone Manager

  • Directly send iPhone movies to Mac/PC no quality loss;
  • Easily transfer HEIC to JPG & export to computer/Mac;
  • Lossless transfer, migrate from small screen to bigger.

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